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  1. @imsobored You need working NVRAM for it to work. IF NVRAM doesn't work use Clovers EmuVariable driver and rc.scripts
  2. @Nicko NDP Looks like your USB ports have stopped working, as the garbled screen indicates. Sometimes it will continue if you put your USB stick in another USB port.
  3. checkout https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/321872-guide-sierra-high-sierra-mojave-on-mobos-serie-100-200-300-skylake-kabylake-coffeelake-dsdt/

    Clover upgrade problem

    I would select install. that should fix it

    Clover upgrade problem

    You don't appear to be installing to ESP.

    Can not update!!!

    The CLUE is in "that's not possible because the disk is not formatted as APFS" Is your 10.14.1 on APFS disk? I suspect not.

    disktutil mount error New to me in Mojave

    Use QuickESP, it lives in MenuBar and is very easy to use, be aware that versions High Sierra and above need Administration Password to mount ESP.

    Syntax error help DSDT

    Why not use same SSDT? if it was working why break it?
  9. Don't make any difference what version it is they all boot the same. Check out one of the tutorials you found.

    Clover General discussion

    Your all heart PM
  11. Not using Ozmosis at the moment, but App Store method SHOULD work, as it did last time I used it.

    Clover General discussion

    Same with XCODE Works with XCODE *EmbeddedSound

    Struck at DSMOS has arrived!!

    You should only post this once, give people a chance to reply they may be sleeping.
  14. You need to make a Signature so that people know what sort of HW you have. Then somebody may be able to help you further.

    Clover General discussion

    Thats the first thing I tried throws up another error /Users/stlvnub/src/edk2/Clover/rEFIt_UEFI/Platform/StartupSound.c: In function 'StartupSoundPlay': /Users/stlvnub/src/edk2/Clover/rEFIt_UEFI/Platform/StartupSound.c:81:14: error: assignment to 'UINT8 *' {aka 'unsigned char *'} from 'UINT8' {aka 'unsigned char'} makes pointer from integer without a cast [-Werror=int-conversion] FileData = EmbeddedSound; ^ [CC] ntfscomp cc1: all warnings being treated as errors make: *** [/Users/stlvnub/src/edk2/Build/Clover/RELEASE_GCC53/X64/Clover/rEFIt_UEFI/refit/OUTPUT/Platform/StartupSound.obj] Error 1 build.py... : error 7000: Failed to execute command make tbuild [/Users/stlvnub/src/edk2/Build/Clover/RELEASE_GCC53/X64/Clover/rEFIt_UEFI/refit] build.py... : error F002: Failed to build module /Users/stlvnub/src/edk2/Clover/rEFIt_UEFI/refit.inf [X64, GCC53, RELEASE] - Failed - Build end time: 05:28:45, Jan.19 2019 Build total time: 00:00:41 o_Ops, ./ebuild.sh exited with error(s), aborting..

    Clover General discussion

    Pity all the OTHER bits aren't included as well as this by itself is useless!
  17. Why you use legacy boot?, use Uefi! Rest should be pretty straight forward.

    LAN not working

    Make another partition and give it a try, probably will work
  19. I'm currently working on a new version of INSTAHackintosh. Purpose: This will enable user to make fully customisable Recovery, Installer and Installed. This is taking a completely different approach, no createmedia/startosinstall blah blah blah. Mojave installed to MBR/HFS no patch needed. You will be able to add kexts to the Installer as well as some Apps. You can do the same with the Recovery and Installed. Will be able to make a USB/ISO or Install straight to HD. Usage: Example: To HD from Mojave Install High Sierra 10.13.6 to HD Install SecUpd2018-003HighSierra.pkg to HD Install NVIDIA Web Driver 387. to HD Install Applications to HD Install Kexts to HD Reboot to HD, Fully Updated with working video Will post a beta version ( HD only ) when it is done EDIT: would anybody happen to have an old version of my INSTAHackintosh? I've lost all my copies. No sense re-inventing the wheel.
  20. Sorry your supposed to post it in other link for MaLdOn to fix
  21. Dump OEM ACPI tables, Clover boot menu, press F4 Download runme.app. run it and upload the sendme file so @MaLd0n can fix the DSDT.
  22. @MaLd0n Could you weave your magic on my DSDT. Shutdown>reboot in High Sierra and Mojave And anything else I may need Thanks Send me MyiMac.zip

    Help me recover OS X please!

    good you got it going and the specs as well

    Site Issues

    Time to implement other measures then...