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  1. Rakuun: So they can't create a certification department where hardware vendors subbmit their drivers for certification and QA? Synaesthesia: That's why I said they could keep selling apple computers for those who prefer so. Last time I checked, Dell, Compaq and other computer vendors also make their living out of hardware sells. Does Apple relies on solely hardware sells? What about Final Cut and the iTunes Store? The way I see it, they can profit from BOTH hardware AND software sells.
  2. Hey guys, I've been thinking of this lately but it's something no one can do on his own. When Apple switched to Intel architechture, I realized macs became just overpriced pc's with a nice OS. So I've been thinking of making Apple come up with a new strategy and realize that we NEED MacOSX to become a normal OS. The way I see it, Apple should distribute MacOSX as a normal x86 os and keep selling macs as superior computers for those who prefer so. So why do I need your help? Because I want Apple to listen, and I'd like to write a letter to them, and make some noise posting it on our front page, making it appear on Wired and every tech news site out there so they listen. So what I propose here is a brainstorming session about arguments and ideas to write that letter. Also, as you can already guess, I'm not a native English speaker So these are my reasons why Apple should go x86: We are living proof that there is a market for the OS. With Vista being such a dissapointment and Linux becoming more and more accesible, a new contender will be nothing but a healthy addition to both the market and the competition, not to mention that this would hurt MS monopoly badly. Also, this would give global economy a nice little boost. We are already doing QA as well as R&D, so we've proved that this is more than possible. Afraid of piracy? No problem, that's what makes everybody think of MS when talking about OSes. Almost everybody was born and raised using Windows, and that's what keep Windows being the OS of choice, and I can't remember the last time MS was on the verge of bankrupcy due to piracy. Apple already has a huge niche on the market: With the iPhone, the iPod, the iTunes store and the Apple Stores around the world, the addition of MacOSX to the product line-up will do nothing but help establish Apple as a brand (Not that it already hasn't). Apple has always make us do whatever they want. Now it's time for them to listen. It's time for them to do the switch. So what do you think guys?