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  1. Can anyone tell me how to make the SATA-AHCI visible on Disk utility on osx installation? I search some solution and some said that i should make SATA to AHCI in bios. By default mine is using SATA-AHCI. Meaning that i am using AHCI too and theres no way to change it in my bios. Its fix. Is there a solution for this? I have attach my spec summary using cpu-z report.txt
  2. Hello. I just installed osx and now i change my mind and want to create a dual boot so i tried to reinstall and repartition my HD. The problem though is that the installer is always having a kernel panic. here is the image What should i do? Im pretty sure windows installer doesnt recognize the mac journaled partition so i cant install windows. I just want to partition it to have a windows.
  3. HI. I downloaded the chameleon wizard and the first I did was to update it(picture below) windows 7 screen shot After that. I then go to the SMBIos tab and select the macbookPro(8,1) image hosting but the problem is I dunno where to save. I believe its on the extra folder but the extra folder is missing screen capture windows 7 So i just install it to the documents folder and then go to org.chameleon.boot and select the plist. Then I restart the pc. Boot from hard disk but it went straight to Windows OS. Whats the problem here? I was expecting a boot option where i can selet to bot to windows or mac? Anyone? help