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  1. Thanks. Unfortunately, I never purchased the Lion installer, but I just downloaded a pirated 10.8 to make a DVD out of it since my stable hackintosh loses it's stability when updating to 10.6.8 (I need 10.6.8 to buy ML from tte app store and can't). I've tried so many fixes and had no success. I got one, thanks though.
  2. How can I start with 10.7.4+? Would I need access to a real Mac? Note: I already have the 10.6.3 DVD.
  3. Hi everyone, Just let me start off by throwing out that I have, indeed, read about hardware compliance with OS X. What I'm trying to do is install OS X 10.6.3 from retail DVD and update to 10.6.8 to install ML on my system. Now, I am running a Z68 motherboard on an LGA 1155 socket with a Sandy Bridge (i7-2600) processor attached to it. I've been reading about problems updating to 10.6.8 (as in, Sandy Bridge builds usually can't update directly to 10.6.8, but have to update to 10.6.7 first). Also, that updating to 10.6.8 causes kernel panics or boot problems (with Sandy Bridge systems). I've read about possible solutions using tonymacx86's tools, but I'm, obviously, looking for a solution within this community. Some posts I found relevant to my question are in another language or don't answer the question concretely. Anyone think I will be able to successfully perform the OS X installation, or is my system just doomed because of that issue. My build is posted in my signature.