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  1. Boot OS X Samsung NP370

    Update. After some tests, i can't boot without -x. With all video kexts : black screen during boot, with or without "-x" Without video kexts : screen freeze (see capture above), OK with "-x" Without "-x", i'm flood by many "SMC ERROR" lines. It's important ? With -x, I boot in 800x600 with chameleon, and i boot in native resolution with clover (but graphics are laggy). I have read many threads on hd4000, but no results. I don't know what can i do. Work to boot the installer without safe mode or work in post installation ?
  2. Boot OS X Samsung NP370

    Okay, it's much better! I boot only in safe mode but i can install mac os. (And i have deleted all video kexts to avoid a black screen...). I can boot on mountain lion installed, in safe mode only again... (800x600, no touch pad, no sounds, no battery indicator...) My screen without safe mode : (And how can i add some flag option with clover ?) Thank you!
  3. Boot OS X Samsung NP370

    Hm, the same image that i have used for my desktop PC. I'll try, thanks. (with a 60kb/s bandwidth...) I never boot in uefi, I'll search wich Clover.
  4. Boot OS X Samsung NP370

    No change with GUID... I don't know how I spent the step of "still waiting" to this : http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=532177IMG20130922153144.jpg This was when i have add your kext in E/E. I try to do it again, but i have only "Still waiting..." I think this is very random.
  5. Boot OS X Samsung NP370

    Hm. I tried only MBR, i'm going to try GUID. My BIOS settings : Boot with UEFI can change anything ? thank you for help.
  6. Boot OS X Samsung NP370

    I removed : - ATI2400Controller.kext - ATI2600Controller.kext - ATI3800Controller.kext - ATI4600Controller.kext - ATI4800Controller.kext - ATI5000Controller.kext - ATI6000Controller.kext And always "Still waiting for root device...", with or without GraphicsEnabler=No and/or npci=0x2000/0x3000
  7. Boot OS X Samsung NP370

    Same problem, "Still waiting for root device..."
  8. Boot OS X Samsung NP370

    Ok ok, so currently i have the following screen : http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=944004IMG20130922155049.jpg which kernel can i remove ? EDIT : Same message without "AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext"
  9. Boot OS X Samsung NP370

    Thanks to reply. I have add this kext in E/E. No more "Still waiting", but block on "IOBluetoothHCIController start -- completed". And before, 10 lines of "Refusing new kext comp...IOPCIFamily : A loaded with a different executable UUID is already present." And when I replace IOPCIFamily.kext to yours kext in system/library/E, i return to the "still waiting" message.
  10. Hello, I have a Samsung a NP370R5E-S02FR laptop (samsung serie 3) with the following specs : - intel core i5 3210M - AMD Radeon HD 8750 - SSD samsung 840 System infos : I'm trying to install moutain lion, but i can't pass the boot step... I have the message "Still waiting for root device" My bios setup : Execute Disable Bit : Enabled AHCI mode control: Manual, set AHCI Mode = Enabled Secure Boot: Disable, OS Mode Selection: CSM OS I have tried some boot flag (-v, -x, -f) Without -x, i have a kernel panic I tried some combinaisons with PCIRootUID, npci 0x2000 0x3000, graphicsEnabler... I tried delete extension in E/E, but always the same mesage "Still waiting for root device". The same message is present with all sytems I tested : #####, myhack, iaktos... I have an other hackintosh which works perfectly, but on my laptop I don't know what do... I listen all ideas, thanks