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  1. iTunes Match

    Stil can't seem to get this thing working. Also tried un-authorizing all of my computers and then re-authorizing them...still no luck.
  2. iTunes Match

    I can't seem to get iTunes Match working and think it may have something to do with my OS X configuration. I am running 10.8.5, I've never been successful at getting iTunes Match to work on this computer. When I try to turn on iTunes Match it hangs at Step 1 "Gathering information about your iTunes library." Here are the steps I've tried to fix this: 1. Clean install of iTunes with no files/music in my library (deleted library and iTunes preferences files). Turning on iTunes match still hung at Step 1. 2. Issued command: ioreg -lS -w0 | grep -A11 en0 |egrep “BSD Name|IOBuiltin” and did not receive "No" 3. Edited smbios.plist using Chamelon Wizard and generated another serial number thinking maybe iTunes Match looks at your computer's serial number 4. Turned on and off as well as updated Genius I should also mention AppStore, iCloud and Facetime work perfectly. Any ideas? I feel like short of an OS reinstall I've tried everything.