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  1. this is the only kext that works with my usb wifi can we set the voodoohda to auto detect my headphone have to change output manualy And when i close the laptops lid for the first 3 minutes its still on but its logged out and screen is off, then if i want to wake from sleep after the 3 min it takes another 3 min just to see the login screen
  2. how long do you think it will take and is there a way to have OS x load up with start up brightness? finally do you know if you can get this kext to work with 10.9 NWD271N_1.0.0(ForMACOS)-1.zip
  3. ok here are a couple of screen shots of battery health, dcpimanager pstates and hwmonitor. the fan still spins when sleeping and the light in front of the laptop doesn't go on and off when sleeping so i don't think it is sleeping even though it goes to the lock screen when opening the lid.
  4. i installed it earlier but i don't get 800mhz i get 700 and something (cant remember, but definitely not 800mhz). here is my ioreg if you need MacBook Air5,2.rar
  5. only 2 and a half hours as opposed to 6 hours in windows and the fan makes an a averagely load noise
  6. Ok everything is ok but my battery life is still bad , i checked kext stat and thereis no instances of nullcpu so that's good what else can it be