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  1. New to this - HP HDX 16

    Yea thats an issue also I did it through Bootdisk utility. I don't currently have access to a Mac. Do you know any other way to burn chameleon from PC. I've tried exhaustively to get VMs to work with no success.You think getting a different version of chameleon could be a solution here?
  2. New to this - HP HDX 16

    check it out so I realized I wasn't using the InstallESD.dmg file I was using the overall 10.8.5.dmg file. From what I've read I'm pretty sure you're supposed to use the InstallESD.dmg. So I restored that image to a USB and tried again. Still can't see it in Clover and I tried running it in Chameleon, this time no mach_kernal problem, but after I select to boot from the OSX install USB, a large string of code flashes by the screen as if its loading, then the system suddenly reboots! I tried running in safe mode and verbose mode and ignore cache mode but all of them have the same result of just rebooting my system... frustrated.
  3. New to this - HP HDX 16

    I want to seek out your advice because you first put me on to clover and so you would probably know more about this issue than I do. I installed clover to a USB through bootdisk utility. I restored my .dmg to a separate USB through transmac. However, when I boot off my clover USB, clover can see my Windows and Ubuntu operating systems, but it cannot see the USB with my restored .dmg as a bootable option. Is there any advice or any way you would know to go about solving this problem? I feel like I'm so close! Update! Tried using chameleon and the error was 'no kernal cache file ' /system/library/caches/com.apple.kernelcaches/.87061851' found can't find /mach_kernal whats that mean??
  4. I have read the previous posts - let me rephrase my problem. The first thing I do in BDU is configure the format options to install clover on a 64 mb partition of a USB drive. This creates a FAT32 64 mb partition that I can boot from and the clover GUI loads successfully. However, the second partition becomes FAT16 which is invisible to explorer. Therefore, when I select Tools - Extract HFS+ partition from DMG image, after selecting my .dmg, I am unable to select the second, FAT16, partition on my USB drive. The menu just shows the 64 mb clover install. I've tried formatting a separate USB to HFS+ with my .dmg image through Transmac. This leaves me with two separate USB drives (One for clover, one with the DMG image). I boot off the clover USB into the clover GUI, but clover does not show the USB with the OSX image as a boot option. - I know for this problem I will probably be referred to the Clover General Discussion where I have to pour through massive amounts of literature on the complex mechanics of the bootloader to find the answer to this seemingly simple problem. In reference to the previous post, I'm assuming that refers to a command for command prompt? (run) 7z.exe (comand) x -tXar -r (archive directory) InstallESD.dmg (output file name) InstallESD.dmg When I do this it tells me it cannot open my .dmg as an archive. But when opening 7z.exe application and doing it through the GUI I can open it no problem. All I'm hoping for is that you, in your infinite wisdom as a coder, can help me, an average user trying to install osx on his pc, or at least point me in the right direction.
  5. I'm unsure of what to do next with BDU. I checked the multi partition in options to format my USB to 1 64mb FAT 32 partition and the other into a larger FAT 16 partition. I have an install.dmg, I'm unsure of how to extract an hfs file from that. When I select the extract hfs partition from dmg file in the tools menu and select my .dmg file and a place to save it, nothing happens. I am also unsure how to make the second partition HFS insead of FAT through BDU. This second partition is invisible to everything but BDU.
  6. New to this - HP HDX 16

    Okay new idea! Format a ~ 8 gig usb to hfs+ with two partitions (one large one small). Install clover from PC using this technique http://cvad-mac.narod.ru/index/0-5 to the small partition. Then, I already have a Mountain Lion .dmg image on my hard drive, so use transmac to burn this image on to the larger partition on the USB? My only concern is if this would be the same as "restoring" a .dmg to a usb through disk utility. Assuming this works, I plan to use clover configurator once osx is installed to obtain the proper boot options and kexts as necessary. As of right now this is my plan and I would like to have an experienced user verify that this is a reasonable choice of action before I decide to finally commit to this endeavor!
  7. New to this - HP HDX 16

    I have a dual boot win 7 and ubuntu setup right now so I can use either.. Do I need to burn charmelon and the installer image to seperate hfs+ partitions on the usb? Ideally, I would like to create a scenario where I can triple boot win mac and ubuntu. My other thought was to use the iATKOS you suggested and restore it to a bootable USB through ubuntu through the technique described here. Not sure if that will work or if it will even be easier than what you're suggesting now.
  8. New to this - HP HDX 16

    Okay I'll look into this. I have ubuntu and I know Gparted can format to HFS+ so I can use that my only concern was having to use a .pkg install for clover (which I can only do with mac software). But if this method allows me to copy a os x install and bootloader to a usb without having to run any mac programs then its probably my best option.
  9. New to this - HP HDX 16

    It looks like the VM just can't boot from any of the drives I have given it and I can't seem to get my hands on a bootable .vmdk
  10. New to this - HP HDX 16

    VMware 8.0.0 (Which is supported by the patch) The image is OSX 10.8 but I also tried image 10.8.3 with no success. The image and patch were both downloaded from here and I followed a guide similar to this one.
  11. New to this - HP HDX 16

    Been at it all day and can't get past step one (OSX VM on W7 to restore OSX to USB). The limited BIOS options do hurt me here as even though I have hardware virtualization capability I have no way of enabling it from my current InsydeH20 V3 72 BIOS. - So frustrating. I have used the vmware-vmx-patch which seems flakey.. The best I've managed to do is boot the virtual machine in 32 bit mode where it instantly goes to grey screen with crossed through circle (slash sign) and crashes. After extensive Google research I found that in a mac this means it can't find a drive or file to boot from? Unless anyone can (or still cares to) help my frustrated soul with this problem I guess I'll wait until I can borrow a mac book to make the bootable flash drive
  12. New to this - HP HDX 16

    New problem - Just realized my BIOS menu options are EXTREMELY limited (InsydeH20 V3 72 - latest update). There's no way to set my hardware to AHCI as far as I can tell, from looking around this seems to be a common limitation of the InsydeH20 series. Is there a way around this to install and dual boot os x on my pc? Can I simply find more capable BIOS software and flash it? (Don't know too much about BIOS specifics and don't want to take shots in the dark as failure could result in inability to boot at all). Can't seem to overcome this frustrating impasse. ^ Solved it. Turns out HP HDX 16 is AHCI by default. I still would like the option to be able to have control over this (and a lot more) from my BIOS but not at the risk of destroying my computer. There's some neat BIOS mods out there though.
  13. New to this - HP HDX 16

    Okay I'm gonna take a shot at this. Is there anywhere specific I need to copy clover to in the hdd once I'm in the OS X?
  14. New to this - HP HDX 16

    ohh okay so use clover to boot from the usb to install the os x! That makes sense thank you. Then just copy (as opposed to reinstalling) clover on the hdd? And so the fakesmc.kext.zip, AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext.zip and VoodooPS2Controller.kext.zip listed in that guide are good for 10.8.5? What about the DSDT file with the specific fix for 9600 M GT and the rest of the kexts on that guide? Should I install them to the clover folder before installing os x also? Once again thank you for your patience, I am trying to reduce the amount of trial and error when I actually go through with this and you are a big help!
  15. New to this - HP HDX 16

    Thank you for your help I do appreciate this as I am basically trying to learn all there is in one night. Am I correct with the order of all this then: Install OS X, then download kexts, place in clover kext folder, Then use clover configurator to install all the components of clover (kexts, boot options etc) I'm a little shaky on the role of this configurator.. does it install clover for you? Can't seem to find an explanation attached to it. Also - the kexts listed in your link are for 10.7.3. Will these still be effective if i use 10.8.5?