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  1. Great guide. I have everything working using MacBook9,1 but as soon as I switch to MacBookPro13,3 I get a kernel panic. Any Ideas on how to fix?
  2. Can't get 2nd monitor to work?

    Hi, Thanks for your reply I've tried everything you suggested but still can't get 2nd monitor to work. On the 1st monitor HDMI audio works and I see NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4095 MB in system preferences so I know that the web driver is enabled. I'm dual booting with Windows 10 and both monitors are working fine in Windows 10. I've attached my config.plist config.plist.zip
  3. Can't get 2nd monitor to work?

    Oops sorry. Card is Nvidia GeForce 1050Ti 4gb. Thanks
  4. Can't get 2nd monitor to work?

    Hi, Specs Asus Z270 Tuf Mark 1 Motherboard Intel 17 6700k CPU Nvidia GeForce GPU Sierra 10.12.4 using imac 14,2 I can't seem to get my 2nd monitor to work. If my 2nd monitor is switched off then I can see the monitor in system preferences/displays but as soon as I turn on the 2nd monitor it disappears from system preferences/displays. Both monitors are connected via HDMI. Anything I can do to fix this or anything I can add to config.plist. Thanks.
  5. If your dual booting with Windows on the same hard drive. The Sierra partition needs to be before the windows partition. I had same error and this is what fixed it for me.
  6. A few issues

    Hi See desktop 1 for specs. 1. Is the Realtek ALC S1220A compatible with Sierra. If it is any ideas on how to enable it. 2. I can't get HDMI audio to work with the Intel HD530. 3. The USB 3.0 ports don't work at all. I've attached my clover folder Thanks for your help CLOVER.zip