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  1. MAC Pro 2,1

    What I need to ask is since this Mac Pro has an EFI32 to install mountain lion and also mavericks you need to adopt chamaleon bootloader using the Jabbawok hack, correct me if I am wrong does this provide me with stability issues, i presume i need to lock upgrades to the os. Also when I get the newer mac pro, could someone outline what can I do to put this machine to good use? Its a pity to leave it in the garage collecting dust
  2. MAC Pro 2,1

    I am by day a video editor / director and on the side I do web dev , app development and graphic design - I wish to upgrade this machine to be able to cope with at least an OS X upgrade stability is an issue i don't know will it take mountain lion or mavericks - run CS Suite, maybe if it ill run Avid Media Composer and Final Cut X would be also very good altough fast rendering etc is not that much of an issue. if i leave the processors as is and upgrade vid card / ssd / and got with 16gb ram would be enough?
  3. MAC Pro 2,1

    Hi All, I am an owner of a Mac Pro 2,1 3.0ghz quad , dual 2 core xeon - I wish to ask what can I do to have a better life lease on this machine, maye give me a year till i buy the new mac pro I know one can upgrade video card , cpu and ram - cpu eight core config / video card 1gb 8800gt / ram i could give it a 32gb. Opinions? Also OSx via chamaleon i could go mountain lion - is it stable but? updates? Else what I can do to put it to good use besides an extra large "cheese grater" Regards