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  1. ToH working on p5k-e quadcore

    If you would like, I we can do the DVD with my old patcher, like the one BWR and JaS modified for the JaS DVD's. I've got the bootloader figured out for post install. We should talk via PM on this from now on.
  2. ToH working on p5k-e quadcore

    It's sad how badly ToH has failed on this release. I expected more. Maybe I should make a DVD that actually works.
  3. Leopard and Hackintosh

    I think you heard correctly LOL
  4. Leopard iHacks

    Just wanted to see if everyone is enjoying Leopard on their hackint0shes. PS. You're welcome.
  5. 9a499 first thoughts?

    mmm... maybe i should download that fix off of the bay or pink and try 9a499 out...
  6. 9A499 on AMD

    PS that torrent on tpb is a fake. I don't even have a tpb account.