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    rhys216 got a reaction from Ciro82 in AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra   
    Not for me on Gigabyte z170
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    rhys216 got a reaction from Slice in OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO   
    The first section with the sudo commands doesn't work from the wiki. Maybe it has something to do with what Tonymac has said. Apparently ROM needs to be legit but the sudo commands I've been doing don't stick.
    "As of mid November 2014 it would appear that Apple have once again updated their authentication and verification processes on their backend servers. If iMessage is still working for you DO NOT LOG-OUT or perform any operation that will cause a logout such as a OS update .... etc."
    Also can't find this OZ folder?
    Would love to just be able to mount an efi partition, find the defualt.plist and add in the correct values.

    Oz probably does do some wonderful things, but the rest leaves allot to be desired.
    This board shouldn't have been advertised as OOB hackintosh support because it isn't.
    First QUO are literally the worst company ever to deal with if you are not based in US and have RMA.
    With every firmware update something breaks.
    -Some firmware won't enable displayport during bios. Need to move TV just to edit bios.
    -Sound never used to work OOB
    -Was using 7870 just fine. Updated bios, suddenly the card would no longer work, switched card to gtx 780.
    -Update bios to 1479 and upgrade to 10.10, facetime imessage all broken.
    - Many many wasted hours trying to fix stuff
    The moral of the story. Just get a real mac because this is all just a waste of life.
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    rhys216 got a reaction from timmy_pete in OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO   
    King.. I don't know what has happened to you lately. I remember a time when you were very helpful, now it seems you just want to make people feel retarded.
    I'm sorry but I'm a noob at all this (even just using macs) and need things explained in plain english.

    Can someone who knows how to fix the imessage/facetime verification and who is actually helpful, please explain how to fix the issue, or at least a work around.
    I know I'm not the only one here having trouble getting facetime etc working...
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    rhys216 got a reaction from flipit23 in OS X compatible motherboard -> QUO   
    I have a bluetooth speaker (soundlink mini) and I can pair it ok, however it does not show up in the output devices so I'm unable to use it. I have a couple of other real macs and it works perfectly on them. I have applied Kings audio update and other audio outputs like line out work ok.
    I'm running 10.9.2 with the latest OZ bios.
    Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this?