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  1. Its already possible to use Polaris cards without an IGPU.  I'm doing it right now.  I have no IGPU at all (Xeon processors) and the only PCIE card installed is an RX 480.  The problem is it is impossible to have preboot video AND acceleration.  If the card is posted already, Sierra stops booting when it loads the X4100 kext (and the screen dies, and the RX480 fans usually slow down or turn off).  If the card is uninitialized, then the X4100 kext effectively causes it to post almost at the end of the boot process and suddenly you have video and working graphics acceleration.  


    This means, however, that you cannot actually see clover, the BIOS screen, or anything else.  No video until OS X is mostly finished booting.  Obviously this is less than ideal :).  


    All one has to do is prevent the card from getting posted by the BIOS/clover.  One way is to have another GPU as primary, but not the only way.  What I did was flash my card with a new ROM that doesn't have the legacy section anymore, then tell my bios to force the legacy option rom to be loaded.  This makes it try to load something that isn't there, so the card fails to post, and the machine behaves as if it has no card installed at all.  Assuming nothing gets screwed with the OS X boot process though, I eventually am rewarded with working video :).  Since many of the polaris GPUs have dual roms selectable by a switch, I have a working legacy rom saved in the second rom slot.  If something gets screwed and OS X can't boot, I can flip the switch to get working pre-boot video and make any changes needed in clover, the BIOS, or whatever.  And OS X will boot just fine as long as the X4100 kext is prevented from loading, but for working acceleration, I have to switch back to the 'hold onto your butt' (to quote Samual L Jackson from Jurassic Park) method and stare at a black screen hoping it boots.  


    Note, I strongly discourage anyone from flashing their card, I did it because I have the ability to flash the ROM chip manually if I accidentally bricked the card.  It's also possible to unbrick them by soldering a wire to short two pins on a SOIC-8 chip (the SPI flash rom).  The leads are spaced 1.27mm apart, so be comfortable with that idea before attempting any thing like that ;).  For most people, its just not worth it, its better to use your IGPU as primary or just buy a cheapo $20 video card if you don't have an IGPU.

    Could you please share the bios file.

  2. And where is advertised as OOB hackintosh?

    BIOS should cover OOB the majority, and that is why DisplayPort, that is not wide used, is not anymore supported OOB, but if you bother to use "onboard brain" you will find out how you can set it up as "before" simply reading the change log b/w BIOS upgrades..

    Same goes with GPU support, majority was chosen, in plus was added user ability to chose framebufer and many more.

    And who forced you to update the BIOS if all where working good?


    You also make confusion or with intention b/w manufacturer and hacked BIOS makers, and this show the lack of respect for the work developers are doing in providing this solution.


    I think you should RMA yourself.


    OOB hackintosh support was the talk of the town...



    No offence King, but I have been reading forums for a while trying to resolve facetime issues etc. People it seems are getting sick of you calling people noobs or stupid (even if they are). It's like you have some kind inferiority complex and you want people to know just how clever you are. ***claps***

    Clearly you are a little behind the curve even pointing me to the wiki page, either that or you just wanted me to run around the houses for a fix that wasn't even going to work.


    I do actually have allot of respect for the time and effort the developers have put into this, but that doesn't change the fact 99.99999% of folks are better off with a real mac. The user experience of trying to get by with this hack and using a real rmbp is night and day. I wouldn't be scouring the internet for facetime fixes for a start.


    Hopefully now you are retired we'l get an updated bios once the smarter Dev's have worked out a fix for Apples serial algorithms etc..

  3. Sure, for people who refuse to use the brain God gave them, for that kind of people yes, all we do here is just a waste of time.

    For the rest of stuff you said I wont even bother to reply, who will read will remain like me, stoned...


    People with real lives and real work to do, don't have time to sort through all this {censored}, wish I would have known how much headache this board was going to be before getting it. Would be using a nice imac right now.

    1479 is NOT loaded for you or you would now have Oz directory in place of Quo directory.


    Your iMessage problems are from Apple and not your board or ozmosis.. You can see from the forum here that everyone has theses problems regardless of hardware or boot mangers used.


    Your other issues are pebkac and all fixable as well. 



    I don't have anymore issues except imessage & facetime. The rest wasn't really pebkac, bios upgrades shouldn't really kill off GPU support on a board that is advertised as a OOB hackintosh as well as one bios working with DP and another not working. It doesn't make sense to me.

  4. Sure if all use Defaults that comes with BIOS is normal, I doubt there are over 1k macs in the world with same serials and Apple is normal to block them.

    If you where reading the wiki: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Z77MX-QUO-AOS and do those simple 2 terminal commands with own generated serials like it say in article would have it working.

    You can also go advance and replace most important SMBios data to match your mac in the house or create new using terminal again: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/291655-ozmosis/page-2?do=findComment&comment=1943875

    Those can also be loaded from ESP(EFI SYSTEM PARTITION) from EFI/OZ/Defaults.plist as you can see here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/301407-guide-insert-ozmosis-into-uefi-bios/ with only condition that plist must be valid otherwise wont get loaded!


    Now with all this  said, If the fact that you couldn't spend 30 minutes to use Google, like I did, to find required information, make you "feel retard"(your words), I have nothing more to say then what I said several times, Oz does many wonderful things, it is magic, but does not replace user brain, yet.



    The first section with the sudo commands doesn't work from the wiki. Maybe it has something to do with what Tonymac has said. Apparently ROM needs to be legit but the sudo commands I've been doing don't stick.

    "As of mid November 2014 it would appear that Apple have once again updated their authentication and verification processes on their backend servers. If iMessage is still working for you DO NOT LOG-OUT or perform any operation that will cause a logout such as a OS update .... etc."


    Also can't find this OZ folder?

    Would love to just be able to mount an efi partition, find the defualt.plist and add in the correct values.






    Oz probably does do some wonderful things, but the rest leaves allot to be desired.

    This board shouldn't have been advertised as OOB hackintosh support because it isn't.

    First QUO are literally the worst company ever to deal with if you are not based in US and have RMA.


    With every firmware update something breaks.

    -Some firmware won't enable displayport during bios. Need to move TV just to edit bios.

    -Sound never used to work OOB

    -Was using 7870 just fine. Updated bios, suddenly the card would no longer work, switched card to gtx 780.

    -Update bios to 1479 and upgrade to 10.10, facetime imessage all broken.

    - Many many wasted hours trying to fix stuff


    The moral of the story. Just get a real mac because this is all just a waste of life.

  5. If you can't manipulate simple terminal commands or create your own Defaults.plist, no bootloader in the world will help you...


    King.. I don't know what has happened to you lately. I remember a time when you were very helpful, now it seems you just want to make people feel retarded.

    I'm sorry but I'm a noob at all this (even just using macs) and need things explained in plain english.

    Can someone who knows how to fix the imessage/facetime verification and who is actually helpful, please explain how to fix the issue, or at least a work around.

    I know I'm not the only one here having trouble getting facetime etc working...

  6. Hello everyone, I need help.  :blush:

    I can't get imessage and facetime working with bios 1479. It seems no matter what I try I cannot get Nvram settings to save.


    So I was thinking of installing clover and maybe somehow using the kexts/drivers etc. from 1479.

    I was thinking at least this way I will be able to add the serials from my real mac (to sm bios?) to get facetime working.


    Can any advise how I should proceed and how I can extract the kexts from 1479 to use in clover?


    Many thanks



  7. I just received mine and... it works perfectly!  No drivers needed, it's recognized as native (apple) hardware.

    This means bluetooth 4 and wifi with airdrop, handoff, instant hotspot, etc. all that new things coming with Yosemite fully enabled. I'm just doing some tests but all of them seem to work smoothly.









    That's great to know.

    is facetime and imessage working for you

  8. Your system info probably got black listed by Apple when you updated to Yosemite. There are some fixes floating around, but I haven't gotten anything to work yet, mostly because of lack of time to really dig into it. I think you can add your MBP's MLB and ROM values to the defaults.plist somehow but I haven't tried it yet. I've read you can also add your QUO board's MAC address for whatever connection you use in the place of your MBP's ROM, but I haven't been able to verify because just adding them to NVRAM in terminal doesn't seem to work as ROM is reset on reboot by all accounts. Anybody feel free to correct me.


    Has it kept working after subsequent reboots? 




    Yes it has kept working after numerous reboots. With 894 facetime etc. all worked ok with yosemite until I moved back to 10.9 with time machine.

    One interesting thing, I used imessage debug (V2), and after I reflashed the bios, the NVRAM/ROM had different serials. I guess this is why it started working ok again.


    If anyone know how I can access the defaults.plist or any other work around I would be very grateful.

    I'm hoping a new bios may fix these issues with yosemite.



    On 894 bios, 10.10 installed fine, but now 10.10.1 won't install at all. Not sure what happens with 1479 though...



    i am having a similar issue (I don't use the Nvidia drivers).  When the system wakes from 'deep sleep' from a keypress or button press , the screen stays black.  At first , I tought it was an issue with the DisplayPort so I move back to DVI but it did not fix it.  I have narrowed it down to Bluetooth , the proof is that if you VNC into it , the screen will then come back on  but the system will not accept any input from a bluetooth device (mouse, keyboard) until you shut it down, unplug the Bluetooth Adapter , re-plug it and reboot.


    My IOGear Bleutooth adapter is connected on a USB 3 port on top of the case (better line of sight) , I will try to move it to a USB 2 port and see if the problem persists.


    recently ordered one of these



    And these.



    Should have native bluetooth & AC wifi speed.

    Using natively supported bluetooth etc cut's out allot of issues.

  9. I installed 10.10 and then reverted back to 10.9 and now I can't use facetime?

    I enter my login details and in doesn't login. I tried clearing nvram which temporally works but when I restart it won't log in again.

    As I use this for work it's kind of a PITA.

    Can anyone please advise on how to resolve this. I was hoping there would be a way to add some info to the .plist on the efi partition but I can't access it.

    I have a macbook pro retina if that helps with any nvram settings.




    Ps bios is 894



    When I try to sign into imessage I get this message Your Apple ID "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" can't be used to set up iMessage at this time.

  10. ALMOST bought this m/b but life got in the way


    so now 6 months later is quo the best deal ?


    is it more stable ie less crashes

    does it offer the best value for the least hassles

    or is the older gigbyte or other M/B a better deal


    I do note boards lke a The GIGABYTE GA-Z77-DS3H Intel 7 Series is only $99.99 on sale


    is the quo board worth the extra 100+ cost ?

    as I doNOT need firewire or T/B currently

    No would be my honest answer, I would actually just get something like an imac. As well as the Quo I have also built a clover based hackintosh, and knowing what I know now I would go that route.

    The Quo is very simple to install OSX on though, but you will need to install sound although someone was kind enough to make an app to do that (I think it was THe KiNG).

  11. ScreenShot2014-03-27at13227PM_zps2067daa




    Best solution for Bluetooth plugs right into MoBo USB Header all internal no need to sacrifice valuable external USB ports.


    Little Pricey but it does the trick not bad for $60


    -Antenna with adhesive 

    -No Driver Needed Apple Chipset

    -USB Header Connector


    When I bought this Dec'13 he had several for sale on eBay now I can't find any. Contact the seller if you'd like find some leads...  cj737271



    Thanks mate, I tried to contact him but he did not reply. I've just built my own tonight and it works perfectly with my Bose Soundlink Mini. So it looks like it was the bluetooth that was the culprit (thanks macgrummel).


    Thanks for everyones help.