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  1. im having a similar issue on my samsung nc10, im not entirely sure if its even going in to sleep mode fully. any ideas? im running 10.6.3 and i searched for the text inside the dsdt but unable to find it. plus i dont have the sleepenabler.kext but something called lipsleep.kext. attached dsdt.aml too https://www.dropbox.com/s/feoe648i7i3tv6a/DSDT.dsl.zip?dl=0
  2. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    hi any chance i can get those ktexts from you and what process did you follow to update? because im on 10.6.3 atm. would the combo update work?
  3. anyone got any other native suggestions by any chance?
  4. Boot Cache Question (-f)

    Hi, im guna post this up quick because i dont have much time atm. Ive included the dsdt with the Extra folder and the kexts ive used. Youll need Kext Wizard to install all of the kexts to S/L/E and you should have sound as well as the kernel cache working then. You may need to re point the org.chameleon.Boot in the chameleon wizard to the DSDT after you've copied it over. org.chameleon.Boot if you have any trouble let me know. Heres the extras folder http://cl.ly/Sn4R
  5. Boot Cache Question (-f)

    turns out it was a DSDT issue in the end that another user helped me with. Ill post up the dsdt later along with everything i used to get it working
  6. Boot Cache Question (-f)

    rlf have you any other ideas, im stumped
  7. Boot Cache Question (-f)

    tried it but to no avail. Im pretty positive it has nothing to do with the dsdt, and my bios is the most current.
  8. Boot Cache Question (-f)

    i just clocked this on the google groups thread i found the dsdt originally. it kinda proves what you said in the fact that the usb support is lost after the boot menu. which it is, unless bootflags are used i did gain USB functionality w/o bootflags when i removed that appleHPET.kext tho, but obviously the KP is a problem. thats somewhat of a lead
  9. Boot Cache Question (-f)

    1. ah didnt know that but makes sense 2. Im aware that there isnt any difference, but i just want to use this as an excuse to learn why it hasnt been working the way i intended and i wanted a fast boot time. 3. I believe you are right but i can not figure out for the life of me what it is. i have actually tried these commands, but ill do it again and paste in the output. 4. As ive stated before, all kexts are in the S/L/E folder. heres what the Extras folder looks like ill also add that Thomas van Dalen from the chat pointed me towards kext wizard and since then i have reinstalled all the kexts i was originally using with the exception of the intel82566MM.kext and rebuild the cache using that tool and the perms. here are the kexts in the S/L/E folder currently. im wondering if i even need the AppleIntelPIIXATA2.kext i need this on my dc7800 build previous to this build because that wouldnt recognise the drives. **Update** Ive just tried the commands there was no output
  10. Boot Cache Question (-f)

    okay so ive got it booting again,ive update my kext utility to get round the identified developer warnings, ive tried the genericusbxhci kext you pointed me to but no such luck. ive removed the Intel82566MM.kext because i think it was causing some issues. but still no usb. I find this so strange because when i boot with the -f bootflag i completely no issues. one thing i have noticed is that i have a wireless receiver plugged via the usb which has a power light on the front. Immediately after the a drive is selected in the boot menu the light flashes off then on directly afterwards in the boot sequence when booting with the -f bootflag. but when im not using that bootflag, immediately after hitting return on the drive to boot, the light goes off. this is usually a solid indication to whether the usb is going to work or not. sigh. point im making is its something thats initialized pretty early on in the boot process Just found out the usb loads in safeboot (-x) also
  11. Boot Cache Question (-f)

    according to the google groups page i got the DSDT (2012-08-25 - hp_Compaq DC7900 CMT DSDT - Rev. F - dsdt.aml) from, its the most perfect dsdt that theyve seen. their words not mine. so im not sure about that. but int he link above someone else has experienced the same no usb thign as me but now i have a bit of an issue. Due to the fact its KPing so quickly post boot i dont have adequate time to restore the previously removed kexts and then rebuild the cache. any suggestions? I should point out i am able to plug the sata cable via usb directly into my imac to access the drive, but im unsure of how to rebuild the cache on a external drive
  12. Boot Cache Question (-f)

    Yep your right. ill have a look now
  13. Boot Cache Question (-f)

    Ive unchecked both flags but it didnt make any difference in relatation to the USB issue. Solved it!! turns out it was the AppleHPET.kext causing the issue. little B. Thanks for the help gents but now the Kernel Panics about 30seconds after boot, even in Single Usermode
  14. Boot Cache Question (-f)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m_6BJN5jtM This is the boot without the -f flag, i spotted some usb errors along the way By boot normally do you mean without bootflags?? because if you do there is no way to do this. if i boot without the -f bootflag i have no USB whatsoever, not even in single user mode, nor can remotely connect through ether on my actual mac. Ive removed the AppleIntelE1000e.kext and i rebuilt the cache again like youve stated earlier in the post, and i left firefox open so that after i rebooted without the -f i could see if it could reconnect to youtube in firefox, which it did. So i presumed that i would be able to remote connect into it to control it.NOPE. It loaded firefox but when i tried to conncet via svn from my imac, it worked for a brief second and then stalled the entire os on the hackintosh, then disconnected me and now its unaccessible. bizarre.
  15. Boot Cache Question (-f)

    your a gent, thanks for the help. Ill give it a try for sure and see if it leads me some where, but i should mention that this issue was apparent before i started to use the kernel cache and when i also had the kexts in the Extra folder. and when i try to boot into single user mode the USB is null also, unless the -f bootflag is used. Ive also just discovered that the Ethernet port isnt working also. Here a list of the kexts currently in use, and as ive point out im using a custom dsdt that according to most other where i got it from is near perfect example of a dsdt. ive tried the terminal commands you gave in -s single user mode with the -f bootflag, otherwise i dont have USB or ethernet (it still boots into the OS tho) and it returned this