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  1. Hello, I have UX31A and I'am trying to switch to 10.9.2 from 10.8.5. I have troubles with sleep/wake, audio buttons, Asus Ethernet adapted and other. I am using darkera13's DSDT, SSDT, Clover config and kexts from post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/283038-asus-zenbook-prime-ux31a-db51-ultrabook-fixes-mods-tweaks-etc/page-34?do=findComment&comment=1957404 Also, I had to edit clover config by enabling HPET fixes because I was unable to book (was getting AICPUPW panic). I think that configs from post are outdated for 10.9.2 OR darkera13 has other BIOS version. My version is 219. Does anyone configured DSDT to work fine on 10.9.2 with UX31A?
  2. @68x: Thank you. This solved audio problems. But now I can not select multiple files with USB mouse (drag something or select text). I have reinstalled Logitech drivers but it didnt help me. I will wait until Rom1 checks his DSDT because I have compile errors when compiling patched DSDT. Speedstep is working fine. My CPU is Intel i5-3317U. I just generated SSDT with script called ssdtPRGen. So, sleep is not working (notebook shutdowns immediately), some problems with shutdown (errors like '/dev/disk1/home unmount failed' etc), FN keys and new problem - Finder lags, shows empty folders and lags crazy when searching something. Search always returns nothing. Dont know what to do with this. Already repaired disk with DiskUtility but nothing changed. How to fix?
  3. UPD: I have successfully updated BIOS to version 219. Than I downloaded Rom1's attachments. Renamed DSDT09.aml to DSDT.aml and put it in EFI\CLOVER\ACPI\patched folder. Next I generated SSDT with ssdtPRGen and put SSDT.aml file in to the same folder. Put Rom1's config.plist in EFI\CLOVER\. Than I downloaded latest kexts and put them in EFI\CLOVER\kexts\10.8 and S\L\E folders. Rebooted. Not all of FN keys are working. Dont work: - keyboard backlight (F3, F4) - on\off LCD (F7) - on\off touchpad (F9) Also no audio and microphone. Speedstep, networking, LCD brightness and other features sees to work. My kexts in zip: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p5yl71hqny1vhax/10.8.zip Also I have attached ioreg. Rom1, can you help me? ioreg.zip
  4. OK. I will update BIOS. Thank you. Fixed error (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/283038-zenbook-prime-fixes-mods-tweaks-etc/page-32?do=findComment&comment=1950172) by disabling DSDT fixes (leaving only shutdown, warnings and HPET). Now FN keys, sleep, audio, speaker are working. I will check SpeedStep and USB 3.0. Rom1, can you also share your config.plist please?
  5. Hello everyone. I have ASUS Zenbook UX31A (late 2012, so new model) with i5-3317U and bios version 218. I have made USB with Clover bootloader and succesfully installed Mac OS X 10.8.5. I dont use any DSDTs and SSDTs because I get error(panic) on boot (see attachemnt). The minimal set of kexts for me to boot is NullCPU, AppleIntelCPUPWM and FakeSCM. I have tried nhart's DSDTs, SSDTs and kexts but I get the same error. Also I have tried DSDTs and SSDTs from other people. Audio, speakphone and FN keys, SpeedStep dont work. Intel HD4000(time to time lags) and shutdown work bad. And not sure USB 3.0 is working. I have attached my Clover's folder, ioreg and photo of boot console. Options in BIOS which I changed: - Legacy USB support Enabled - XHCI Pre-Boot Mode Disabled - Fast Boot Enabled - Launch CSM Disabled - Secure Boot Control Disabled What to do? Who can share DSDTs, SSDTs and kexts for BIOS 218? Thank you files.zip