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  1. Specs: i3 2220 @ 3.2 Ghz GeForce GTX 670 12GB DDR3 Ram So, i used the Niresh Install disc to install OSX, Everything went well. Then when it boots into OSX I Get the apple screen with the logo. Then i get a black screen and nothing happens. I tried adding boot parameters but i cannot type anything or use the arrow keys to try boot into windows. Any ideas? EDIT: I decided to try get 10.7.3 Installed, on my one chance of using the keyboard i typed -v and graphicsenabler=no and i got into the os. I'm now going to to try get this full screen and then report any issues on the Lion area. Thanks
  2. So, i am wanting windows as my main system for gaming etc. So do you reccomend after installing OSX i boot into windows and use easybcd? And easybcd will allow me to boot into both osx and windows?
  3. Ok, so i just want to start this off by saying that i have read all related threads and wiki posts on this this question and i still need some help/advice. Right. So right i currently have Windows 8 already installed on a hard drive and i want to partition the drive and have both OSX and Windows 8 on there. But i've read up that Windows deletes some files that dont allow Chameleon to be able to boot it ( or something remotely like that ), and that in order to get around this you need to use something called Chimera, and to get that i need to boot into OSX with uni/beast and install Chimera through multi/beast So my questions are, firstly, is what i have just detailed about Chimera correct? #2 in order to do that. Would i need to install mb to a usb whilst im still booted into Mac after installing it? or in a virtual machine as i dont have any other macs to do this? If anyone could provide a simple step by step guide i would love that! I've read several posts on it but it doesnt say what to do in detail. Thanks a lot! EDIT: I have just read the rules on talking about things related to spin ofs on the Osx86 etc, so do you guys have any other ways of doing this without using their methods?