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    macOS Sierra 10.12.4 is out ...

    I have a freezed apple with complete progress bar after installation. Made update with App Store. Do I need any new kexts or clover version?
  2. I updated Clover to the newest version. System runs perfectly with Sierra. Now want to install Mountain Lion on another drive (to use a software incompatible with Sierra) but when Iselct the install USB thumb drive I get a grey screen with a no drive thru traffic sign. Does the newest version of clover work both for Sierra and ML? I already put Fake SMC Keyt into 10.8 folder. What else can I do? Clover says 'Boot from Install ESD' and the cylinder has no apple logo. Is something wrong with my install thumb drive?. I made it recovering the InstallESD.dmg
  3. Hello, I had a perfectly running system using a GTX 560 Ti on macOS Sierra 10.12.1 using Clover bootloader from a usb thumb drive with no additional settings, drivers or kernel extensions. (thumb drive because I wanted to separate clean macOS install from bootloader) After I replaced the old graphics card with a GTX 960 macOS started with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 and very slow UI animations. Knowing that the 960 Ti isn't supported my macOS I installed the NVIDIA Web Driver. (tried both ...f01 and ...f03 build) I selected NVIDIA Web driver in the NVIDIA Driver Manager preference pane. After restart OS X the Default Graphics Driver is selected again in the pref pane and the resolution is still poor. System Information says that my graphics card is 'Display 5 MB'. What can I do to make the graphics card identified correctly and the NVIDIA Web Driver driver working. Best