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  1. Thanks guys for the fast answers @BlackCH Nice... with that link you put some stupid ideas in my head Looks awesome but all these holes to take care of... puhhh. Lets see how my endurance is after polishing the outer case. @MiniHack jep there is a question, as far as I saw it on the page there is no standard version with a AC plug at the top or? Well its for sure no problem for you guys to do that but is it connected to extra costs? About the soldering, thats how I thought, but it looked to easy @v3nom mmmmh.... frontpanels My project gets more and more expensive and better, thanks for offering I write you PN about that stuff. @ALL Jep Iam also using some fans in my case (big fat Chieftec Tower) to get the stuff cooled. I was wondering if there is a "typical" known accumulation issue about the Mac case. So I guess iam putting a 120mm in the back and in the front 2x 120mm to blow over the board and HDD.
  2. Servus everybody! since the winter is knocking on the doors in germany Iam searching for a project. And here Iam. What I want to do: G5 Case (late 2005) Mod to ATX (micro) using The Laser Hive Kit What Iam wondering: Am I able to use the frontpanel? All I found in the world wide web is "get a old frontpanel board". Well all I want to use is the Power Button and the LED. Shouldn't be hard to solder 3 cabels on it. Or am I on the wrong way? Can I polish the case? Any idea how to get it shiny? My first idea was to use steel wool but i tried it on some spots and it looks like its too rough. Don't want to use a polish machine. Maybe with a ceramic creme? I want to put the PSU on the top-right position and due to that fact Iam questioning myself if you have in this lovely case any problems with hot air accumulation. Is it necessary to have fans in the front and back. Iam really happy that I found that Forum and to passed the entry exams I tried to be informed as much as possible before I started to annoy you pros! Thanks for having me here. Cheers and greetings from Germany Ne Frage