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  1. OSX 10.10 Dell Latitude E6400

    Hey guys I just got this notebook from a friend short time ago. What's the performance in yosemite or even mavericks? Hardware acceleration and everything i presume? I only need it for web browsing and watching a few HD movies and some writing via Pages..
  2. Screenshots of 10.10

    Post some Yosemite pics with Black Mode On
  3. OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    Tried chameleon on DP2, it said error parsing plist or something like that.. god dammit Tried Clover same DP2, it goes to a grey screen, and stays there. It says I have another GPU, 280x but I have a HD 7950 ... Never used clover before. Also, are the new features working with an external BT 4.0 dongle?
  4. I tried that hypocrite Tony beast utility but it didn't work, so I tried the Trim Enabler App suggested here. It works, and it is great looking too!
  5. Hey guys, Any problems with HD 7950? Edit: Worked GREAT! Updated from 10.9.0 Last time I tried the update from 10.9.2 to 10.9.3 and it crashed. Now it works great Z68X-UD4-B3 , i5 2500k , HD 7950 . System shows as a Mac Pro 2008.
  6. Get your UVC webcam working as Apple iSight

    So my Microsoft VX800 webcam doesn't work anymore. It worked perfectly, but now, the hackintosh "sees" the webcam, but no video, black screen. Also, after a few seconds, the hackintosh FREEZES. It's fricking annoying.
  7. Maverics 10.9.3 official release

    I used the niresh distro. I kinda forgot what I did to it to make it work ( remember deleting all intelHd kext) and it worked, and messed around with the cables and ports to make the second monitor work( Had to use it on DVI, on HDMi it would go blank when I booted the machine). Now everything works like a Mac, except facetime and iMessage. Even got a non-supported CSR bluetooth module to work by messing around with it. I'd like to update to the newest release, but I'd like to have a backup of my drive in case anything goes wrong. What should I use? I have an SSD + an HDD
  8. Maverics 10.9.3 official release

    Any issues with HD7950? Thinking of updating from 10.9.2
  9. OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 to dev

    Interested to know what gpu drivers are being modified? i have a 7950 that works great (10.9.1)
  10. Mavericks 10.9.2 released

    I wanna try it out but I'm afraid I'll break my gpu kext and I just managed to make it work with a multi monitor set up, also I got a sh1tty bluetooth to work by deleting some .plist and some unknown magic. I'm afraid that will go away too. Does iMessage work for you guys?
  11. Mavericks 10.9.2 released

    Everything works? I'm so tented to try it! But so afraid i'll break everything up!
  12. nice wallpaper. congrats on the build. laptops are a pain in the ass
  13. [Guide] Bypass the white screen for ATI HD 7xxx (10.8.3)

    How do we find out DisplayID? I have a 7950 with my main monitor and a tv hooked up to the hdmi for movies. I'm using the second method, but I don't know how to find out the display id. I'm really new to this I don't know anything. I'm running 10.9.1 and when I have 2 displays set up and I get a white screen at boot. I have to reset and unplug one of them.
  14. 7950 and Mavericks

    So I was away for a day, unplugged the computer, Installed Windows on another partition with the nvidia 8600 gt ( that's starting to die on me) and when I changed gpu's I was surprised to see that it worked. I Can't understand why but I'm happy. My 7950 works like a charm right now.in the meantime I wrote another bios, I hope this one will be ok, although I need a PS2 keyboard so I can update the second bios ( gigabyte has dual bios)
  15. 7950 and Mavericks

    I ll do that tomorrow. I installed the nvram kext. Problem is that i cant use the 7950 on any Os windows or osx. It freezes at bios saying that error msg, i cant even modify bios settings with the 7950 hooked up. Wierd wierd {censored}