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  1. of course i have a 311 but i haven't much time for this because of my work. I am Working mostly till 2 a.m. and i couldn't use my 311 in our Serverrooms => security guidelines But when i have more sparetime i could take a look on it. I simply used TheKings Guide for Pin config and i used a ubuntu installation (not a live disc! Its important!) for the right codec proc. On Live Disc you have the problem that the alsa Version may be not up to date or you have to config alsa in a special way to get full sound under ubuntu to work and so the code proc form a live cd is not very helpful. (i tested Ubuntu Netbook remix with hp 311 => i think windows 3.11 would run smoother and with more functions as UNR :/ ) When we would have the right Codec then you can use a programm wicht theKing used to see graphical the sound connections with Pin Numbers and with this graphic you can beginn to configure the AppleHDA.kext or an injection kext wich you put in your /Extra folder. i hope this helps someone with more sparetime to help you out, but i think the problem would be that its one chinch for in and out und this could really be F$*%ed up!
  2. This is correct. With ATI Cards (wich have on the card HDMI Audio) it is possible to see the Audio functions but you can't control them. With Nvidia Cards it is the same, but they usually use an Onboard HDMI S/P-dif wich may be possible to activate. I put many hours of work in this on my 9800gtx+ but failed at last because its very hard to manage this. for the 311 it "COULD BE POSSIBLE IF" you can get the right pin config to see the S/P-dif and can manage over DSDT (wich i failed hard on my card and board on my PC) to link it on this. But this must be "easyer" on the 311 because you don't have another S/P-dif on the board, but as i said this is a pain in the work to do!
  3. what about SSD disks? Intel x25-M or so?
  4. ahhh i remember Booting up now! Editing this soon! Stay Tuned! @IT:IOREG4PROTO.zip under PCI Cards the name is now pci14e4,4315 thats it ;/ Does it Help?
  5. I would Try it if you can tell me how to use it (i never had time to do some rocketsience with DSDT, so yes its a "Noobish" Question ) i have to install it with a Programm but i couldn't remember... give me a hint an i give you your I/O Reg
  6. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    one question... i installed with netbookinstaller via USB => Worked => Updated 10.6.2 => worked => added 1.5 Patch => Stuck on blue screen with no mouse Should be an Graphical Problem Booting with -x is working someone an idea?
  7. ah okay... i have this problem now after an unsecured shutdown => Blackscreen and 3 sec CAPS LED blink but with the additional Memory pulled out it worked. I thin i have to flash the firmware again (thistime w/o whitelist firmware)
  8. Hey, Try to remove your 2 Gig memory and then boot
  9. [HOW TO] Patch AppleHDA - Knowledge Base

    Hi King, Thx for your Compilation of Infos! I am very interested of getting my HDMI-Audio working. HDMI-Video works (9800 GTX+). My Soundchip is an ALC1200 (P5Q-SE), Could i get Node 17 to Work? borrowed from Signal64 Post: ATAPI Unknown SPDIF Out at Int ATAPI 17 0x11 0x99430140 01171c40 01171d01 01171e43 01171f99 I'd tried to get it to work but it is recognized as Unknown Built-In Output with no Controls and no Audio over it. From the CodecDump (under Alsa < v18a its recognized as ALC888 - Most Pins are the same, i think Codec too) wich i converted into a graph i saw that Node 16 (Stereo Digital) is Conected to 17. Also i saw that there is no AMP Node connected so i think thats the reason for no Volume control but do you maybe know a way to maybe unmute it so it will gives me sound. It's an Onboard SP/DIF so i think it will work (have to put a cord between the Mobo an the GraphicCard).
  10. I have one problem with the Audio Drivers... The Digital Out don't work over my 9800GTX+ ( HDMI Out ) (its a P5Q-SE but the Audio Chipset is the same) Anything else works! Have you any Ideas?
  11. PCSX2 on Mac ?

    i can't open an iso its always telling me in terminal "Permission Denied"! I chown the whole PCSX2 Folder but it didn't help anyone an Idea?
  12. so... after i did not found my USB stick i have to burn a DVD+R with 2 MB of Bios and FreeDOS but... IT WORKED!!!! Thank You for the flashed BIOS!!!!!!!
  13. Hi. Can you modify my bios Asus P5Q - SE CPU: core 2 quad 6600 GC: ATI HD 4850 P5Q_ASUS_SE_0601.zip
  14. Pwnage Tool 2.1 Released

    Worked Recovery Mode =/= DFU Mode!