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  1. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    yes, x3100 is full working include openGL, still no sound
  2. can you sleep the machine ?
  3. Leopard Laptops with NON-working GMA X3100

    Dell vostro1400 x3100 fully worked on iATOKS and the Pulicat kext iatoks come with. without any hex string change, just need the display sleep/wake tick. The iATOKS dvd even boot at LCD's native resolution. I found the the screen black out is cause by changing resolution(which do at every startup), when I change a resolution, the screen will black out like it at startup, need sleep/wake to bring it back on.
  4. The x1950 driver work perfectly on my 10.4.8 , 10.4.10 system. Thank you Jccool!!! Thank you so so much.
  5. ESI Juli@ / Envy 24 with OSX86 - Any progress?

    try juli@ driver for delta 66 need to change Ven_1412 Dev_1712 and Subsys_D6321412 to make it load, but end up panic
  6. How to set a partition Active in terminal use command? thanks.
  7. 10.4.4 Security Broken

    great news for Valentines maxxuss a genius.
  8. Could Maxxuss be Apple?

    if he is not a spy of apple then he must be born for carring the mission from god to crack OSX86. edit: just kidding
  9. New ATI Drivers

    [Violation of DMCA]
  10. Steve wanted to go Intel 5 years ago

    actually Steve Jobs have mention this at his Macwold keynote earlier this year, Apple's os team have do x86 compilation scince frist version of OSX.
  11. Hacked OSx86 Updated to 10.4.3

    just get back to my "mac" MD5(/Users/lib/libSystem.B.dylib)= a4e551f0deb90e157429bd44afcc997e
  12. Hacked OSx86 Updated to 10.4.3

  13. Hacked OSx86 Updated to 10.4.3

    see your post up front, already did that, do it before and after the second time update install. not help
  14. Hacked OSx86 Updated to 10.4.3

    Can't use "Get info" in right click menu in any place on mine. If I click "Get info" in finder, the window will close. And the desktop icon gone then come back(just like refresh desktop in windows). And then opens up a finder window of the 10.4.3 update install package(where I install the update). Some one have same problem like this?
  15. Digital Camera

    tiger has build in camera support, here is the list http://www.apple.com/macosx/upgrade/cameras.html or you need a mac driver form manufacture