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  1. mekkanizer

    Install OS X using usb-stick

    christ1111, The flag didn't help, it freezes even earlier than before. (you can see this line on the screenshot, it says "[ PCI configuration end, bridges 5 devices 13 ]") The original readme for the image says something like: (Sorry for poor Russian-English translation) So the questions are: 1. Do I need Clover instead of Chamelion because I have UEFI? 2. Do I need anything else according to the fact that I want to have an option of booting Windows 8 (dual-boot)? 3. What's extra (.kext file?) and how can I make my own?
  2. mekkanizer

    Install OS X using usb-stick

    Hello everybody and thanks for replying. christ1111, Could you please clarify, how can I add any "flags"? I mean, where to put this line of code? tannerstell, I am not using Mac OS X. I am using Windows 8. But I guess R-Drive is kind of "Myhack" software you mentioned. I already restored an installing image to the usb drive, but if "ML Disk Image" is something else, could you please share a link? And the same question about flags. Where to put them?
  3. Hello everybody. My machine is ASUS N76 with core i7-3630QM, integrated graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000, discrete graphics: NVIDIA GT 740M. I've resized my windows 8 partition to free ~40GB of space. I formatted my usb-stick using "HP Low Level Format Tool". Then I deployed an HFS installation image to usb-stick, using R-Drive. When I'm booting from the stick, I get several errors. Here's a screenshot. So the questions are: 1. Could you help me with this installation method? 2. If not, could you suggest a guide on how-to install OS X (preferably from usb-stick) on a GUID hard drive, dual-booted with windows 8? P. S. I also would like to mention that my notebook has UEFI, not BIOS