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    How's it going, guys? Name's Emilio. 21 year old male, living in GA, US. Just moved here from East TN. My current project is covnerting my HP Pavilion DV6-6126nr Laptop to a Hackintosh machine. My reason: I am a producer & DJ (EDM), and am too much in love with Logic Pro X to use any other software. Plus, I simply have always wanted a mac, myself. Now that I have the means to do it, I am. I was referreed here by Donvan6000, who so graciously helped me with unlocking my bios on this machine. He explained the difference between this community and the tonymac community, and I definitely am a sucker for those who earn their place. Gotta' say, I'd love to be part of a community that I can feel I take a part in, instead of leeching of of generic DIY's and All-In-One solutions. Love a challenge, ya' know? My current state of the project is kinda' sad, to be honest. The laptop was a gift from a friend, who had cracked the screen and lost the charger. Said if I repaired it, I could have it. So got a charger and screen. Fixed it. Works fine. :] However, the chrger was defective and only worked for one full charge. So, at this point in time, I'm still waiting on the new one, which I believe was shipped out today. Should have it by the end of the week. When I receive the new charger, however, I am getting back behind the wheel, and gunning to get this project finished. I've seen several posts relating to similar models and projects, so I know I'm in good company here. Look forward to being a part of this community. :] Regards, Emilio