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  1. Oh gosh.. So, how can i keep both windows and Mac OS X user file update/syncronized? I was thinking I could make a partiotion to my Data HDD, but then I'd can't read it on Windows, which is no sense, because I do want Windows to read those files.. Also, as far as i know, there're no partion type that Mac OS and Windows both support.. It doesn't support it natively, but there's a way to read NTFS, am I right?
  2. Followed this guide for installing.. [Guide] The all-in-one guide to Vanilla OS X (including Chameleon + DSDT) for beginners (updated for Mavericks!) - Tutorials (The Genius Bar) - InsanelyMac Forum Two question: 1) How can i move Download, Pictures, Video, etc (all user folder i mean) to a NTFS HDD, that I also use on Windows to store this things? 2) The DVD tray always open when i boot Mac OS, what's the problem? Also, when i click on "close tray" on the topbar it doesn't work, I have to close it manually..
  3. I think it "is" logical to remove kexts I don't use.. I use the GTX 670, not the integrated, so I've removed those I don't use.. What's the point of keeping kexts I won't use? Also i got 2 big problem: 1) How can i switch Download, Pictures, Video, etc (all user folder i mean) to a NTFS HDD, that I also use on Windows to store this things? 2) The DVD tray always open when i boot Mac OS, what's the problem? Also, when i click on close on the GUI it doesn't work, I have to close it manually..
  4. To be more precise, it doesn't let me run the first boot, but after the first boot it works.. strangely.. EDIT: In case anyone wonder, this is what I did: 1 - Booted with -x (safe mode) and set up Mac with a new user (I had no Ethernet, nor Audio, nor Graphic intended as full functional) 2 - Went to terminal and moved AppleHD* (graphics), AMD* and ATI* and NullCPUPowerManagement kexts to a Backup/ directory made on S/L/E 3 - Booted up with flags PCIRoot=1 GraphicsEnabler=No Maybe the 2nd point was the key to solve this mistery, maybe it is needed to firstly boot and create a new user.. I don't know, it just works now..
  5. Oh man, I love you That "PCIRoot=1"... How could it be? Also, I've never read about that anywhere, there was always "PCIRootUID=0" or 1.. Oh gosh.. What does it do exactly?
  6. Yeah I already added that flag, but it didn't work.. Also, do i have to use the safe mode for ever? How can i use my hackintosh without safe mode?
  7. Yes, i read on the web my GTX is supported so i did GraphicsEnabler.. I tried (almost) every combination of flags, but i didn't work.. But when i used "-x" alone it booted up.. So, at the moment i'm stuck on Safe Mode Strangely, also, when i first booted, on the setup, it asked me what device to use for internet or not using one at all.. If i choose LAN the initial setup restart.. So i had to use "No Internet" and in fact, when i use Safari it says it doesn't work and Safari told me i have no devices to access to internet.. I believe I need a kext/driver for internet also, do I?
  8. Ok.. so now it installed correctly.. I have also fixed the installation.. when I boot I get this screen on verbose mode.. what do I have to do?
  9. I fixed the problem with it.. Somehow i messed up with the partition table when installing Mac OS X (it didn't work after first boot, so i had to recover MBR) and the whole SSD was shown as a Unallocated space.. So, why every guide keep telling me to firstly install Mac OS X? Won't it survive on a MBR with Windows 7 already installed? I wish i could do that mostly because i'd like to be able to remove the OS, since at the moment, I'd like to try it out.. So, will Mac OS X installation on a MBR SSD, with already installed Windows 7, break anything or can i install it without any problems?
  10. I have, UEFI BIOS, yes.. No, I don't have any other SSD, just the one with Windows 7 and an HDD with data, which i won't touch it.. Just a small observation: If I use a famous tool from a famous site, why does it recognize the partitions?
  11. Yes, exactly.. The SSD table is probably MBR, becasue I've installed Windows 7 on it... I've already replaced those files, Mac Os X ought to see it MBR and Windows 7 partitions on my SSD, which is not the case unfortunately.. I wish to install Mac Os X without deleting Windows 7, It would take me a lot of time to do re-install Windows 7 after, and restore all the programs and setting, so, if there's a quickier way, let's do it..
  12. Hi all, I'm new here.. I'm trying to install the latest Mavericks downloaded from the App Store (10.9.1) into my PC (signature for more info) What I'm trying to manage is a build with Windows 7 and Hackintosh on my SSD.. I've followed this tutorial: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/280756-guide-the-all-in-one-guide-to-vanilla-os-x-including-chameleon-dsdt-for-beginners-updated-for-mavericks/ I've done everything till the Part 3, and yes i've followed the hints for Windows and dual boot.. I can boot from the USB but when i go to the Disk Utility to make a new partition on my SSD with already installed Windows 7, there're no partitions, what i can do is just Formatting the whole SSD.. What do i do wrong?
  13. I want to dual boot Windows 7 and Mac OS X (mavericks).. I've already installed Windows 7 on my SSD, so i splitted it in two pieces, and made a new partition for OS X.. I've followed all the istructions till Install OS X.. I can get to the Installation Wizard, then I've to make a new partition and there's come the problem.. When i click on my SSD there're no partitions at all, also it says there's no table (MBR, Guid, etc).. All i can do is just format everything.. I've followed the guide, i read all the steps, I've also replaced OSInstall and OSInstall.mpkg two times but no luck.. What am i doing wrong? D: