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    (GUIDE) Getting your Busratio

    First to say THANK YOU. After upgrading my bootloader I couldn't boot anymore except sometimes in safe mode on my custom recovery partition. Very frustrating! This thread helped quite a bit... I finally narrowed the problem down to the bus ratio. It seems with the upgrade (Chameleon 4.3.2) the busratio wasn't calculated correctly anymore. Trying cpus=1 busratio=21 PCIRootUID=1 worked, but narrowing that down to busratio=21 did not. I finally figured out since I am running a Core 2 Quad Q6600, the base bus speed is 266, not 133 like on the newer Core i CPUs. So to get the busratio for mine I had to divide the processor speed (2.4GHz) by 266. 2400/266 ~= 9. Using Chameleon to set busratio=9 and uncheck both cpus=1 and PCIRootUID=1 worked! Thanks to all contributors!