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  1. FWIW the instructions posted worked great! the script linked from the other post is nicely packaged, but the resize step always fails with invalid parameter.
  2. I've tried this on two machines now (10.11 and 10.6) and both fail at the resize step with "invalid parameter"
  3. btaroli

    Status of Unlocker 2.0

    Yep! yay! I can confirm that my 10.5.8 64-bit VM booted fine under Fusion 7.1.0, having patched with 2.0.2 and including the donk.rom.
  4. btaroli

    Status of Unlocker 2.0

    Just catching up on the thread, but I've pulled a copy of the donk.rom and will be trying this tonight! I think my 10.5 and 10.6 are both 64-bit, but I can imagine that some might be running 32. Excited to know that this has worked for someone else... Will post again once I've tried it. Many thanks, Donk. One wonders why they bother leaving those checks in for such old releases...
  5. I've applied 2.0.2 to my Fusion 7 installation and it seems to have applied OK. But I saw something in the release notes that suggests that 10.5 and 10.6 client OS checks aren't bypassed yet. I do hope this is still on the table. For now I may have to go back to Fusion 6.x for this. I have some old device drivers that the vendor simply hasn't updated beyond OS X 10.5. So I keep one around speicifically when I need to use this hardware. Does it seem feasible that 10.5 may get some love in this unlocker, or is it a hopeless cause? I've seen a variety of threads about unlocker 2.x, so perhaps there is mention of this elsewhere that I've missed... so redirections to other threads are appreicated.