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  1. AMD R9 290X will it work perfectly?

    Hi, i have exacly this card with one monitor and it works just perfectly fine out of the box.
  2. AMD R9 290X will it work perfectly?

    hi, I have now orderd a sapphire r9 290x. I want to inject the graphic card. Is it right that i just have to put the id in Clover config.plist on the efi partition? Hope somone can help me.
  3. AMD R9 290X will it work perfectly?

    hi, thank you very mutch for your answer. I will wait untill i see a good offer. Best Regards
  4. Hello, I want to buy a new Graphics Card for my hackintosh. My hackintosh is fully working exspect the graphics. I searched on the internet to find out witch card is good for me. Before I forgot it i am using Clover.The amd r9 290x has a very good price. So will the r9 290x work in yosemite correctly? I only want to use one screen. Is the displayport working perfect? Because in the future i want to use a 4k screen. I want to use the Card for some gaming on Windows and office, browsing and some unprofessional photoshop and premiere on OS X. And just one more question, witch brand should i buy, or os this not important for os x? Thanks and best regards from Germany Alex
  5. Is Nvidia GTX 580 a good solution?

    hi, Thanks for your reply! That sounds great.
  6. Hello, i plan to buy a Nvidia GTX 580. I read so many threads that i am not sure if it will work perfectly. Because i want to use a cinema display in the future i want to have a Displayport. My actual choice is the asus rog matrix gtx 580 platinum. Would this card work in a hackintosh? Regards from germany alex
  7. HI, I use the clover bootloader. To now i use Mac Pro 6.1 SMBios because i have a Intel core i7 4820k witch is a 2011 socket cpu. Best Regards Alex
  8. Hi, There is no Mac Pro 8.1. The newest mac pro is the 6.1. Do you mean 6.1? Beste Regards Alex edit: My SMBios in Clover was from the beginning Mac Pro 6.1. The boot args does not show any effects.
  9. Hi, Last night I managed to get Yosemite installed. After installing all needed kext I edited the AMD6000Controller.kext. I put the id of my card into kext and get 1080x1920p working.But no graphic acceleration at all. Do you have any tips? I think there is no way to get the card fully working. Regards from germany Alex
  10. Hello, I have a problem with my radeon hd 6790. I can boot with the card but I don't get graphic acceleration in mavericks. Are you have any ideas ? I integrated the id of the card in the kext. Next day I will try installing Yosemite and will have a look. Best Regards from germany Alex