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  1. Hi, I am using Clover as the boot loader for my multi-boot hack (Windows 7 / Mountain Lion). I read that I should install Clover to a boot flash and work out any issues before installing clover to the hard drive. I have one hard drive which, if I do not use the Clover boot loader, boots into the 4th partition (Windows 7, EFI boot). The 1st partition is the EFI one created when I installed Windows. The 2nd partition is the Microsoft reserved partition. The 3rd partition is the HFS+ partition. 1) My questions are, once I get the boot flash working the way I want, how do I get those settings installed onto the hard drive? 2) Further, where should Clover go on the hard drive? Thanks, Bernie
  2. Hi All, I have a dual-boot system using a 3TB hard drive with Windows 7 (EFI) and OS X 10.8.4 installed. It has an Intel DH77EB motherboard and an Nvidia GT 610 video card. I am using Clover as the boot loader installed on a USB flash. When I choose to restart Mountain Lion, the system shuts down the OS, and the tower stays on, but does not restart unless I press the reset button. Shutdown and sleep functions work fine, however. I am using the default settings in Clover though I don't know how to tell what version it is. I clicked "About" and I see rEFIt version 2.09. Clover was installed to USB using a utility from cvad-mac.narod.ru called BootDiskUtility.exe. How may I tell what version of Clover I have? What should I try to fix the restart problem? Thanks, Bernie
  3. Any ideas on fixing Mac OS X restart issue described in original post?
  4. Resolution: I abandoned my idea of using one hard drive for the multiboot system because of stability concerns. I installed a second hard drive for the Mac OS (drive 0) and copied Clover to the EFI partition there. I set the BIOS to boot from drive 0 before any other hard drive and all is well. Thanks for the assistance!
  5. I completed a Hack using a 3TB UEFI Windows 7 boot drive and a 500GB UEFI Mac OS X 10.8.4 boot drive about 5 weeks ago. I use Clover as the boot loader to have access to both UEFI drives. Clover is installed in the EFI partition of the Mac OS drive. Lately, sometimes after shutting down the Mac OS and rebooting, The Windows option is there, but the Mountain Lion icon is gone. I checked the Mac OS hard drive and can see that the Mac HFS partition is there. As a last resort, I restored the drive using Clonezilla and thought all was well until the ML icon went away again. I turned off automatic system updates to see if that was the issue, but eventually the ML icon disappeared again. I tried booting with a Clover USB flash, and the ML icon is still missing. Are there any software updates that could cause the Mac OS to become unbootable? Any other ideas of what may be the problem?
  6. Hi TechManiaco, I had already looked for the answer in the first document you listed, but did not find anything that pertained to the way my partitions are set up. If you think I may have overlooked something there, let me know. I will check the other two, though. Thanks! Bernie