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    HP6730b - 10.8 Mountain Lion

    Update: I found out that if I put my laptop to sleep mode from Safe Boot, turn the power off when it hangs trying to go to sleep, and reboot back in to normal mode, my battery is recognised and my USB ports are functional. When I reboot again, it doesn't work anymore.
  2. WebGremlin

    HP6730b - 10.8 Mountain Lion

    Hello, I'm working on getting Mountain Lion running on my HP6730b laptop. This is my first Hackintosh (and my first post as well) and before anything else I'd like to say thank you for all the help and tips I found on here and other communities. My knowledge on this is very limited but you make it ever so much easier to try and learn. I've got most things running; my graphics card with native resolution (no QE/CI though), Ethernet and WiFi, sound, and most other things. What I haven't been able to get operational (yet), though, is my microphone, battery, and sleep. My USB ports worked fine and out of the box, until I tried putting my laptop to sleep "to see what would happen". Ever since, my USB ports (except the one with the receiver for my mouse) stopped working. They work fine whilst booting, as I can use it to boot from USB, but when OSX has launched they're practically 'dead'. I've read on some sites and forums that some people recommend to delete the applehpet.kext from my extentions folder. This works; my USB devices work again. But after a couple to five minutes after boot I get a Kernel Panic. So I re-installed the kext. The panics stopped, but so did the functionality of my USB ports. One time I had to boot in to safe mode for something, and I noticed that in Safe Boot my battery is recognised. When I rebooted to normal mode, suddenly my battery was still recognised. I tried to plug an USB drive to my laptop, and to my surprise it connected. When I rebooted later on, it did not recognise my battery anymore and my USB ports stopped working again. I tried rebooting to safe mode, and whilst in that mode it still recognises my battery, but when I boot back to normal mode it does not do that anymore. To see which kexts are active (and are recognising my battery) in Safe Boot, in comparison to which kexts are interfering with exactly that, I've made a kextstat while in Safe Boot and one in normal mode, and compared the two. This is the result: I've tried deleting the following kexts from my Extensions folder, as they are not active in Safe Boot and could only hinder the proper functioning of my battery and USB ports: VoodooBattery.kext AppleSMBusController.kext AppleACPIPlatform.kext Unfortunately all in vain. Although my system seems to work fine without these kexts, my problem persists. I was hoping someone could help tracking the kext(s) that are preventing my USB ports and battery from operating correctly. Also, any tips to get sleep and my microphone working are welcome, of course. Once I've got everything working properly I'll make a summary of kexts and settings I used so that hopefully it'll help someone with the same make laptop as mine. Thanks in advance! Peace