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  1. Thanks for the help.. i also got my 7750 working by setting my BIOS to onboard graphics, it gives no signal until OSX boots then it kicks in and it's working great. My only issue now is no sound, and of course the issue of it not going to sleep. I'm going to give Mavericks a go, if it doesn't work i'll be on Windows until it's officially released..
  2. Thanks i managed to get network working but audio says no input devices found and controls are disabled. I'm guessing sleep doesn't work either? just tested, monitor goes off but cpu and gpu still spinning, this is bad for me because i'm using it at a media centre and want it to sleep when i'm not using it. Looks like i might be back onto Windows until Mavericks is officially released
  3. I have a working 10.8.4 installation however no network lan or audio. I'm using board MSI H87M-G43 what are you guys running to make it work on this? [edit] i installed the driver from ##### (MB) and can access controls, just cant hear anything
  4. I went back to onboard graphics and ran the 10.8.5 combo update and it broke OSX so i'm guessing this is the wrong way to do it, i've also read that it doesn't fix the white screen issue. I'm worried about trying Mavericks, is it possible for us to update to the latest DP? Help is appreciated thanks
  5. Thank you, i made a huge checklist of things to try tonight and not a single one of them would have fixed it.. I've got a successful install but as you say, white screen.. i'm wondering: how can i install 10.8.5 if all i can see is a white screen? thanks
  6. I've bought a new systems specifically for OSX after reading a thread on here that it was done successfully using the hardware i was buying. MSI H87M-G43 Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 Haswell i5-4440 8GB DDR3 So i went onto my mac got ML from app store, downloaded it. then downloaded MyHack and ran it, hooked up my external disk and allowed MyHack to do its thing, all completed successfully. On new system configured SATA for AHCI and disabled onboard graphics Boot from external drive (legacy, not UEFI) It gets passed Chameleon boot loader screen, then gets to white screen with grey apple logo then hangs here. I\m not sure what to do now, i ran myFix from myHack on the external drive but that didnt fix it either. Any suggestions at this point? thanks [edit] if i run it with -v it just scrolls through lots of text then goes to a black screen
  7. I've tried to install using MyHack I downloaded OSX ML from app store ran MyHack, choose Create install disk, then chose 10.8, then let the process run through.. went into BIOS made sure AHCI was set for SATA Disable on-board graphics put disk into computer, boot from it (legacy, not uefi) gets to bootloader, loads white screen with apple logo, then just hangs here.. MSI H87M-G43 Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 Thanks
  8. Thanks for this post i just picked up a MSI H87M-G43 mainboard. I've never done it before so will be following what i can out of this post. I understand I need to download Mountain Lion installed - DONE Configure BIOS - DONE Download MyHack - I'm guessing this is easy to follow instructions? is there anything i need to do that isn't obvious by the app? I dont understand this: you can solve the "PCI configuration begin" problem by following ways: 1. add chameleon boot options "-v npci=0×2000" or "-v npci=0×3000" 2. remove your dsdt.aml Thanks guys