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  1. I don't know how it is possible. After I installed the system I moved every graphics kexts into a folder and the one which I uploaded here is from there. How can I get a clean one if not from my system?
  2. Thank you! I`ve attached the original ATI6000Controller, but note, I was trying to use 10.8.4_GE_ATI6000Controller from the 1#Post. Please tell me what other kexts do I need to have or delete, and what else I need to do from a fresh installation! I`ve also tried with ATISupport+AMDRadeonAccelerator+ATIFramebuffer kexts, but I still get the original problem. My SMBIOS is MBP(8,3). ATI6000Controller.kext.zip
  3. It doesn't boot up correctly. It recognizes the card(I can see a few lines about it, at different stages of the boot process) and the screen doesn't go off it just doesn't changes to the GUI from the verbose text.
  4. Yes I have installed the ATI6000Controller.kext and the latest bootfile from the #1Post (set GraphicsEnabler=Yes AtiConfig=Iponomea) and the system boots without panic, but it doesn't load the OSX gui. I end up seeing the messages from verbose, also it doesn't freeze, because when I type the password and hit return it throws up a few new lines about the login panel. Sadly I'm working from various sources (I had to install easybeas to generate a org.chameleon.boot.plist and a few other things those haven't been isntalled by chameleon), so I'm not sure if this causes incompatibility or not. Another problem (I don't know, this might be caused by the missing graphics acceleration but) my system is bit slow, mostly when I open safari elements those require advanced graphics. So I don't know if it is normal that I/O is blocked/slowed by the graphics. Do I need anything to install to get multi core processing enabled?
  5. Hello there! I have an Acer Aspire 7750G with: Intel Core i7 (2GHz), AMD Radeon HD 6650M (2GB), 17` screen (1600x900). I am here to ask for your assistance. I have installed ML 10.8.4 and I can`t get the graphics card to work. I would really appreciate if one of you could give me a detailed step by step list of instructions about how to get this graphics card working with Chameleon`s GraphicsEnabler on a fresh installation (,this would only cost you a few minutes but you could save weeks for me, cause I am a noob and I am working on this for 2 weeks ago now without any success). I don`t need the VGA or the HDMI ports working, but only the main screen of the laptop. Please help me, I need hackintosh this for studying but I am stuck with the graphics and homework deadline is closing in! Regards, Molna'r Zsolt