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  1. [How To] Install Snow Leo on Acer 6292

    you won't have luck with the 4965 AG. Save your time with useless experiments and get yourself an Atheros-AR5BXB61 like this http://www.ebay.de/itm/Atheros-AR5BXB61-Laptop-Mini-PCIe-Wifi-Karte-802-11b-g-/251435945285?pt=DE_Computer_Sonstige&hash=item3a8ac00d45 it's usually less than 10 USD on ebay with the camera you will find solutions within this topic, though I don't know if they are still working with ML
  2. [How To] Install Snow Leo on Acer 6292

    cool ! I will use it as well because I didn t update it since 10.6.8. The fingerprint scanner didn t work with Snow Leo - working now?
  3. [How To] Install Snow Leo on Acer 6292

    I am travelling right now and will be back home later this week. Let me know what kexts you need or what is not working yet. I will upload the according kexts for you
  4. [How To] Install Snow Leo on Acer 6292

    what else do you have in Extra / Extensions? you should have at least fakesmc.kext and disabler.kext for the first boot delete extensions.mkext when you boot a fresh system always boot with -v option to read error msg when it stops
  5. [How To] Install Snow Leo on Acer 6292

    wow.......man - there is some knowledge missing..... you must have S/L/E - that's the short name for System/Library/Extensions what do you have in EXTRA ? different CPU = you can't use my DSDT! sorry.... I wrote nonsens before - you need the disabler.kext in Extra to avoid loading of AppleCpuPowerManagement.kext or DSDT to load it properly
  6. [How To] Install Snow Leo on Acer 6292

    this is what happens if HPET is not working. 1. Do you have AppleCpuPowerManagment.kext in Extra or S/L/E ? If yes it's not loading 2. Do you have a DSDT? are you using my DSDT? If yes this can't work for a different machine than 6292 and same cpu Solution: delete DSDT, install AppleCpuPowerManagment.kext into Extra - boot and make your own DSDT
  7. [How To] Install Snow Leo on Acer 6292

    to me this error looks like something is wrong with your bootfile. another potential reason could be excluded with bootin -v and USBBusFix=Yes. In case this doesn't work, try to set the harddrive partition active manually with fdisk. you will find instructions for this easily in this forum. osx86tools has the fdisk also on board... P.S.: De nada
  8. [How To] Install Snow Leo on Acer 6292

    @lachlan: it´s just the lack of time to switch to lion.....no special reason. I will do it maybe in November @ jotmanv: please describe exactly where you have this issue.....at what point exactly?
  9. give me some time . I will check that for you with my r-studio version and compare it to the demo.
  10. hahahaaaaa...........how stupid is that ??? that great raid functionality of r-studio was the reason i did spend 70 bucks for it.....wow - great support I had exactly the same situation as you with raid0 - r-studio working 100%. to check that is very easy: the trial version will let you see the files but not recover - just test it. what you need to know is what block size you used - the default is 32 P.S: I speak german if it helps
  11. Are you sure you read the entire topic? Even if not - the answer for the same question is just before yours !? We gave the answer to it a few times in this topic......the problem might be sitting in front of your computer
  12. [How To] Install Snow Leo on Acer 6292

    are you booting with arch=i386? if not try it otherwise I have no clue - as I said I don't use Lion and can't test it
  13. [How To] Install Snow Leo on Acer 6292

    I don't now about Lion - I'm still not using it. first I would compare the device id's inside the Atheros kexts
  14. [How To] Install Snow Leo on Acer 6292

    What should I do with the attached pic? learn Italian? So what kext is loaded? Just to remember: you needed the patched PCI kext in Leo to make the WLAN work........maybe that's your problem. Usual procedure would be: reinstall backup of previous version (I'm sure you have one ) save kextstat as file - update again and compare kextstat
  15. if you would read through the topic you could have realized that a few guys had the same problems. westmere cpus are supported with snow leo 10.6.3 - so no chance with initial kalyway installation method or early snow leo versions using [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]