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    Hi, my internet name is codeasm and im a student at the "amsterdam university of applied sciences " hva. Still trying building a hackintosh, hopefully it will be my E530 Lenovo Thinkpad. Also I own a iMac G3, with original Os9 (I paid 7 euros, the harddrive was missing) install disk was inside LOL And I have a (broken) iMac g4 tower. Have to rebuild a powersupply. Im not realy a Mac-fanboy but sure its quality you pay for in my opinion after many bluescreens and 5 broken laptops (some(2) by my fault, 3 by hardware failure) Still reading this? Thank you, I wish you a good stay and a happy day. Im here for the info, and if im succesfull or near completion or questions, ill share. So far no luck with my Lenovo.