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  1. Yep, hi again. I've got two big problems with my hackintosh. (shame) First, artifacts. I get artifacts when I use a web browser and also occasionally when I'm not. It's a random pattern. I've tried to use different web browsers but still the same. It seems to be flash related because it only happens when I have anything related to flash open in a tab. Second, I get freezes also on the web browser, flash related again ugh, the whole GUI locks up with often flash still playing and mouse still able to move but I have to reboot to be able to use it again. I've looking through console but it shows no errors (what a pain) and when I had the problem before it showed errors about kernel overflows? Sorry if I'm a total noob and blah but I just need to fix this then my hack is good enough for me <3 Specs: Sony VIAO VPCEH3N6E Booting with clover bootloader USB Intel HD300 and Intel i5 processor. Thanks!
  2. Battery kexts

    thanks! got it working perfectly and sorryyy I'll post mine if I post again
  3. Battery kexts

    So hiii Okay so I recently updated from ML to Mavericks using the app store because I boot with a clover usb so it works that way BUT the problem is that my battery kexts no longer work. I can still sleep completely fine but I can't see how much power i have left anymore, only got the 'no battery available'. I really need this because my battery runs out pretty quickly because of rubbish battery a la sony vaio so I want to know if anyone has any battery kexts that work with Mavericks? Thanks! (: