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  1. Hi everyone, I followed the high sierra beta installation guide here and installed it on my build. Mobo: HP XW4600 Intel 441449-001Motherboard (intel x38) GPU :Gigabyte Nvidia GT240 CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 I was unable to get the installer to boot with the old version of clover 4048 but since r4200 everything seems to boot fine now. Though I had to disable nvidia to avoid black screen.Also I applied the USB patches in the clover configurator and got past the "still waiting for root issue". I've two HDDs one running Sierra (fully working and primary OS for all activities) and second one that I installed for high sierra. Sierra works only with Enoch r2989 bootloader. Clover always gives me nvidia kernel panic. I formatted in my second HDD in 2 GUID partitions i.e Macintosh HD and Recovery HD (a 20 gigs Recovery HD helped to use network reinstall incase I didn't have my USB). The initial installation (with 17a291m build) went fine and I was able to boot but only with nv_disable flag else the black screen issue comes up. Here USB is working fine while booting with USB installer(with clover). Post installation since the main bootloader is Enoch r2989 on sierra so I'm forced to boot High sierra also with the same only with no USB support. Currently USB keyboard and mouse runs on PS2 port with adapter. Story aside main issue, yesterday did a wipe again from recovery partition which booted to the internet recovery and did a fresh install again which was to the latest GM build. Now on booting graphics worked OOB only issue was again the USB. Images attached below. USBInject.kext also seems to not work with enoch only in clover. Any ideas to fix? Thanks in advance. Sorry for the long post, just wanted to make everything clear to avoid any confusions. I've attached pics from old and new build. chameleon plist.tiff
  2. Ok I tried just now. Still no luck tried adding Rehabman's USBInject kext to Clover/kexts/others. Can't seem to fix with the kext also since it worked for me in El Capitan and Sierra. I even tried adding the current AHCIPort.kext and injector, IOAHCI.kext to 10.13 installer from my current MacIntosh HD(Sierra), that didn't work either
  3. Hi, I'll try today evening on different ports and see if it fixes the issue. I've changed the SATA mode from RAID to AHCI.
  4. Hi everyone, I made a high Sierra installer with clover. I tried booting from the USB installer but it stops at "still waiting for root device" and after a few seconds the prohibited logo appears. Anyone has any idea to fix the issue? Thanks.
  5. Did this occur while booting the installer? Also try booting using Enoch bootloader to see if it's working. Enoch can be accessed by pressing 2 while booting from USB installer The above error can be usually fixed by trying to replace OsxAptioFixDrv with OsxAptioFix2Drv in EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI. This is a really good guide that I came across. You can check the link below: https://nickwoodhams.com/x99-hackintosh-osxaptiofixdrv-allocaterelocblock-error-update/
  6. @ricoc90 Thanks for mentioning that. Since its Niresh distro he can backup Intel GPU kexts easily from the installer customize menu. If it can be disabled from BIOS that will be the best.
  7. Good Luck mate. According to the specs of your machine you have Nvidia GTX960M and Intel HD 530 GPUs right? In that case after installation of sierra if you do not have graphics working use the nvidia web driver in case you plan to use Nvidia only. In Sierra with an Nvidia card if you have installed the Web Drivers you can (should) remove ALL boot flags like nvda_drv=1 nv_disable=1 and instead you go into Clover Configurator to System Parameters and choose NvidiaWeb option. As for internet connectivity your ethernet should work good. WiFi module since its Intel I'm not really sure. If its a must for you then you might want get a compatible WiFi card module for replacement or get a Mac compatible USB WiFi dongle. Also do not select Evoreboot option in the customize menu in the installer. This caused me kernel panic. Took me three installations to figure it out. It might look something like this:
  8. rahulk70

    ATI Radeon X1600 Pro - 5MB VRAM issue

    Hi, Check this out this link. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/163190-ati-mobility-x1600-71c5-fully-working-kexts-tested-on-1056-and-1052/ It might help you. This GPU was used in some old macbooks/iMacs too I think. It might work but most of the post on google regarding this GPU stops at OS X Mountain Lion.
  9. rahulk70

    Kernel panic after Sierra installation

    Hi, @Giammi553. I'd the exact same kernel panic after Sierra installation. In my case the culprit was Evoreboot.kext that caused this kernel panic.
  10. I'm not an expert. I mostly figure with trial and error. Try booting with -v nv_disable=1. See if there is any difference. Try the Niresh 10.12.3 distro (Hackintosh Sierra zone DMG) and restore to a flash drive with Transmac in windows. As far as I can tell you this one worked flawlessly for me since it has all type of fixes included, plus it has both Enoch and clover bootloader. Till El Capitan clover worked perfect for me but since Sierra only Enoch works for me. So, would say its worth. Good Luck!!
  11. Did u try booting in safe mode? Also what installation method(like [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url],macpwn, distro etc) did u follow?
  12. rahulk70

    Kernel panic after Sierra installation

    @Giammi553 Thank you very much for the above suggestion mate . Finally got sierra fully running. Tried macpwn method but got stuck at "still waiting for root". Finally used the distro 10.12.3 and got everything installed. I had to install 3 times in total because of kernel panics. Last time I just installed the bare OS, Chameleon and backup kext GPU and OSX Problematic. Everything went fine except no graphics acceleration or resolution(nvidia web doesn't work for me keeps reverting to OS X default). For some reason clover is causing kernel panics and no matter what I do doesn't seem to fix it. Only Enoch seems to fix things. Updating to 10.12.4 or above fixed the graphics issue but messes the usb. So, extracted the geforece*.kexts and NVDA*.kexts and booted up and voila fulls graphics acceleration but resolution was messed up since there wasn't my display resolution(1440x900) the system preference only had 1440x1060. Fixed it with ScreenResX app and got everything running. Also updated voodooHDA to 2.9.0 to get mic for Siri. Apart from iMessage everything is great with iMac 14,2. Eagerly waiting for high sierra now!!
  13. Hi everyone, I recently tried installing sierra on my HP xw4600 workstation. My initial installation a month ago was working perfectly (Installation & post-installation) fine. I was able to boot and everything worked fine with the below configuration of my workstation. Mobo: Intel 441449-001 Motherboard GPU: Nvidia GT240 CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 HDD: WD 1TB 7200 rpm I'm pretty sure the GPU isn't the issue because the installation was working perfectly fine until a month ago I had to reinstall the windows partition on my PC and resize the partitions as well. But after installing this time the installation of sierra goes fine with both the vanilla and hackintosh method. But after booting the initial installation I've been encountering this ACPI BIOS error. All the BIOS configuration was prior to the same as it was working fine. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. rahulk70

    kernel panic on HP xw4600 installing Sierra

    Finally !!! I have got El Capitan running on HP xw4600 . The biggest issue was getting it booted up. When I tried to boot from the installer it wouldn't detect the installer. So, made a boot device(clover) with BootDiskUtility and was finally able to boot El Capitan and I have it currently installer. Now trying to get sierra to boot. It does boot up fine but after some time the still waiting for root issue comes up and the circle with closed symbol. It seems to be a USB or SATA issue.Haven't been able to figure it out yet. Gonna try RehabMans USBinject and see.
  15. rahulk70

    kernel panic on HP xw4600 installing Sierra

    Sorry for not mentioning the method. I tried mentioning the method I used with the app name and I got banned on tonymac, I was afraid I might get banned here too.So, I tried Initially with Macpwn and today with Unibst 7.0.1. Bootloader is clover which I guess must be the legacy version since I have Non-UEFI BIOS. I just added MBR patch and tried booting.Actually I did the exact same thing for El Capitan without any additional stuff for booting and it worked right away. So, with Unibst and the default flags dart=0 nvda_disable=1(was already present I didn't add those) it booted fine until after a while it showed still waiting for root device and the prohibitory logo came up. Sorry for asking, but how do you disable SIP?Does it need Recovery partition?Also can I plug my HDD to my Macbook Air and install Sierra on it and then later attach it to my PC? My old build used to install everything right away without much hassle, switched to this HP xw4600 now and troubles started. . Guess I just started true hackintoshing!!