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  1. Partitions

    Try to use Acronis Disk Director Suit (this program you can use even not starting your OS).
  2. Unable to mount disk volume....

    I solve this problem in this way: I use Acronis Disk Director Suite to make another FAT32 volume and set "0xAF Shag OS swap" option in this program. Now, after using Disk Utillity (Erasing disk) this disk will be active!!!
  3. PLZ HELP! Booting Problem of Mac OS X on AMD

    I think you should try some boot loader like Acronis OS Selector.
  4. PLZ HELP! Booting Problem of Mac OS X on AMD

    Tell me about your PC!
  5. Unable to mount disk volume....

    I know i know... to do it with vista/xp boot disk is very simple but i am trying to make disk volume be active in the Disk Utility.
  6. Unable to mount disk volume....

    Hm, thats good idea but doesnt work. When I try to format disk into Mac OS Journ he do nothing I mean cant change disk format. Disk Utility always said that PARTITION NOT MOUNTED.Maybe this trouble cause I have SATA hard drive???Maybe somebody know some command to make partition active????
  7. Unable to mount disk volume....

    But I have all of this volumes in FAT32. I have 2 volumes in FAT32 & 1 volumes with WinXP in NTFS.
  8. Mac OS installer mount physical disk but can't mount disk volumes... How can I solve this?
  9. How to make dual boot?

    I have one hard drive 120Gb(3 partitions) i want to install Mac OS on one of them how can i make dual booting???
  10. Don't know what to do?

    I have JaS 10.4.8 installation DVD but my friends also gave me Mac OS X Uphuck 10.4.9a.ISO. I dont know what to do with Mac OS X Uphuck 10.4.9a.ISO and why do i need this. Can I simply install Mac OS with JaS DVD, without Uphuck???
  11. Stuck at Darwin Prompt

    I have the same problem on the Mac OS 10.4.3. I still can't solve it.
  12. Installation reboots...

    I don't know what to do, my Mac OS X 10.4.3 Tiget installation reboots when i select hard drive in Darwin. P.S. I really want to install Mac OS !!!! My PC: ASUS P5GD1 Intel Celeron D 2.66GHz
  13. [SOLVED]Installation DVD refuses to boot

    I have the same problem and still i cant get on with this trouble
  14. iPod Shuffle or Nano

    Thnkx to everyone!!!
  15. TPM chip validation

    I know that I have to patch my Mac OS installer with "Generic_OSx86_Install_DVD_Patcher" cause of TPM validation but I dont know where i can download it?