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  1. Thank you Drake and Styrian for your replies My laptop is not with me right now so I can't post the additional hardware details just yet. Nevertheless, I will try to find out more about the compatibility of my hardware on my own. Also, I have decided that I will be installing Snow Leopard, and would update it to the 10.6.8 version. However, upgrading the RAM doesn't seem to be an option for me Will 2 GB be enough? And is there any way to assign virtual memory in Mac, like swap partition in Linux or Readyboost in Windows? (Although I believe swap would be more effective since my laptop doesn't have USB 3.0 ports). Again, thanks a heap guys for helping! Much appreciated. EDIT : OK, I looked up about the swap feature and found my answer. This answers it all. So I'll be marking this as solved. Thanks for your help guys!
  2. Hello guys, New here, just joined. Have been reading about OSx86 and hackintoshes since quite some time, frequently read topics here but this is the first one I'm posting. I have a spare laptop, Lenovo R61, with specs nearly identical, if not completely, to the Late 2007 Macbook. Quite old, I know. Here are the specs: Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 2.2 GHz 2GB DDR2 RAM 120GB HDD Intel X3100 with 384MB VRAM Now, on the wiki page I can see that highest possible version of OS X that the Macbook-equivalent of my laptop can run is Lion. So I think it's safe to presume that my laptop will too support it. But what would the performance be like? Can anyone suggest which version would be able to provide the smoothest user experience on my laptop? My laptop's touchpad doesn't support multi-touch, so gestures are out of question I guess. Also, what all features can I expect to work? Or which ones I can't? Any tips regarding installation or user experience are welcome too and I am grateful to everyone who tries to help. Kudos!