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  1. I'll give it a try. But with applehda, did you have the microphone working? Sound works nice but my internal microphone is not working. Is yours working? I've noticed voodoohda doesn't remember the last used sound device after boot up. Do you have that problem or are you using sound flower? Other than that, the sound is very strong especially in conduction with Boom. EDIT: I got the sound values working on boot up. And it appears that my microphone problem is hardware related, so I'll have to open it up and see what's going on as the microphone doesn't work in windows as well. Thanks a lot for your work Zack!
  2. No I couldn't get it working. I only have the two regular speakers and headphones working for now. I asked if you wanted to try it since you said you couldn't get sound working with applehda. Not at this time, I am still trying to work on it but I'll let you know if I do. Zack and me have a G75vw. Oldnapalm has a G73sw. That is why I asked to see whether or not it was possible with the alc269(g73sw) and the VT1802(G75vw) Also, I've tried hdmi dsdt patches but they disable my sound output through the speakers. If you could help I don't mind giving you a donation for your time.
  3. I am using applehda at the moment and speakers and headphone jack work perfectly. My hdmi issue I know is just a dsdt edit away I just haven't had spare time to mess with it. Microphone doesn't yet work as well but it is possible. Would you like to try my applehda?
  4. That sounds nice but I would rather use Applehda instead of Voodoohda for a more vanilla feel and usability. Thanks anyway Is this from using Applehda or using Lazzy's method?
  5. Hey areos! How's it going? Any luck on getting the asus g75vw with the VIA VT1802 subwoofer working? Zack, does your microphone work? I can't seem to get it working as well as HDMI.
  6. G73SW - 10.9 Install

    So far, my only suggestion is downgrade iographicsfamily, graphics control,all nvda kexts, system.kext but do not touch the geforce drivers. Rebuild cache, reboot and everything is fine.
  7. G73SW - 10.9 Install

    I'll install the update now and see if mine does that. My screen also turns black as well...i'll have to do some digging. I remember reading in a post claiming that apple changed something regarding display output or something...for now I will advise everybody NOT to upgrade to 10.9.3 for the meantime.
  8. G73SW - 10.9 Install

    Just a word of thought for anybody thinking about modding their G-series bios is to STAY AWAY FROM "CPU Flex Ratio Override" this setting bricks ALL Asus G-series laptops. It does not affect the bios chip as I thought before and after the third motherboard, I am pretty sure I have learned my lesson. Also, has anyone modified their AGPM yet? I think it is kind of hard to get good gaming performance and save power at the same time. I set mine for everyday usage where it utilizes 50mhz and 202mhz for most scrolling and desktop animations and the 675mhz for anything else but it still requires a bit of fine tuning as a lot of games don't really place a load on the gpu and cause it to stay at lower or mid clocks. However, battery life is awesome considering the size and power of a desktop replacing laptop. Now I can watch movies for over 2 hours instead of the measly 1 hour I had if I was lucky. Here is a picture from all day usage today as well. save power.tiff save power.tiff
  9. G73SW - 10.9 Install

    I do quite a bit of soldering with a cheap radio shack soldering iron with a horrible tip but that station would help me a lot. I'm using all of my existing kexts for 10.9.2. Did anyone have audio problems updating to 10.9.2 even after installing your previous audio kexts? I have the solution if anybody is going through that frustrating process. Has anyone tested the camera on photobooth and FaceTime? Mine now works like a real isight. I also got FaceTime and iMessage fixed from applecare. Ive noticed apple has done a lot of work with nvidia on tackling this channel timeout {censored}. Sometimes after a few days, the dock and finder would just relaunch instead of freezing from a channel timeout, but its been pretty rare for me unless if I plug in hdmi or unplug it...then it goes stupid. I have a good feeling apple will take care of this fermi freeze for good and they are a few steps closer.
  10. G73SW - 10.9 Install

    I'm back...new mobo came in and i'm ready to go! Took me about less than 25mins to tear it apart and put it together and time left over to repaste GPU and CPU. Also did a light mod on the exhaust vents while i was in there...looks great! I'll fix the other mobo and keep as a spare to experiment with or maybe build me another g73SW. Only problem is iMessage and FaceTime don't work anymore but a call to apple should hopefully solve that. My AGPM is working here as well. Manmal, what type of soldering iron did you use and did you use 15watts or 30watts?
  11. G73SW - 10.9 Install

    It looks like i'll have to hold on the cpu upgrade...no sense in upgrading a brick. The flash was successful and i was able to boot using the intel hd 3000 intergrated. But when i set another bios option...i think i turned off AMT, the computer shut down and now the power led stays on for a second then turns off and it does this over and over. Anybody know of a way to force the system into thinking there is no bios installed before i purchase a new motherboard for it? On the upside, if i hadnt touched that setting, i would have had close to 8 hrs of battery life using intel hd 3000. That is pretty impressive for a laptop of this size. I would have posted a screenshot but, you know the rest...
  12. G73SW - 10.9 Install

    I used arctic silver 5 on mine but i'll repaste when i upgrade my cpu. I was going to put in an Ivy Bridge Cpu but the gains would be very marginal compared to Sandy bridge. The 2820qm looks like a good choice though. What 10.9.2 files do you need? I'm going to reinstall this week because i miss my fast boot times. When booting, there is a 30 second pause where no I/O transfers go on then it resumes like normal. Thanks for the program! I'll go see what i can do with it.
  13. G73SW - 10.9 Install

    Well i've fixed my sound but my boot times have increased but otherwise it is still stable. Upon installing 10.9.2 since Feb. 27, I have not had a Fermi freeze ever again and i am not using FreezeFix. As a result, I get almost 5 hours battery life with light usage and my GPU idles at 40c but where on 10.9.1 i was lucky to get 2 hours and the you idled at 43c. CPU idles at 31c. My battery is at 37% and i have over an hour of battery life remaining. FaceTime and Photo Booth are working perfectly. Also found a new three finger gesture that activates mission control. Other than the boot time increase, I am fairly impressed with this update.
  14. G73SW - 10.9 Install

    10.9.2 Update. I would recommend everyone to stay on 10.9.1 for the time being. I am having trouble with sound refusing to load and it broke iMessage. It's saying the kext is not authentic. That is the main issue for now...sencondary is iMessage but i haven't looked into yet as sound is higher priority. Everything else seems to be working fine. ***IMPORTANT UPDATE: It seems 10.9.2 has fixed the pixalated camera on the g73sw. It is now working OOB for me so far but ill keep testing
  15. G73SW - 10.9 Install

    Oh ok no problem take your time. I have the throttle fix bios already with AES features but that bios with the unhidden options caught my eye big time. Its amazing how Asus calls these laptops "enthusiast" models but it comes with an entry level bios... And yes i believe manmal had a first-hand experience with the unfortunate results