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    Shake , the next

    I don't think there will be a Shake Replacement, more like a Compositing Solution integrated in FCS, in the Style of Motion. The former Nothing Real core guys (inventors of Shake) all gone to The Foundry in developing Nuke, which is at this point already better than Shake ever was. And Nuke is platformindependent, so a new Shake wouldn't be able to compete, except with a FCS integration, which wouldn't count in big production pipelines.. i except somethin like after effects, motion already looks like that they're going this way
  2. sven77

    PC EFI V4 von Netkas

    hat schon jemand sein Tiger mit PC Efi auf Leopard geupdated? also mit der originalen leopard-dvd
  3. google mal nach superduper oder carbon copy cloner
  4. sven77

    PC got IDE, Mac has a AHCI

    I was able to install the AHCI drivers without reinstalling XP. Works flawless: I asume your board also has a Jmicron Controller. Turn it to IDE Mode and plug your windows-harddisk to the Jmicron Controller (mostly the purple ones). then boot windows, to see if it boots anyway. If it boots, turn on AHCI in the Bios for the Intel Controller. Boot Windows again. Now Windows should find a new Hardwaredevice and wants a driver. Thats the AHCI-Driver. After installing it, shut down your computer. Now plug your harddisk back to the Intel Controller (Orange Ports). Worked for me with XP and Vista 64
  5. sven77

    Gigabyte P35 DS4 unterstützt?

    die platte muss im AHCI-mode laufen, sonst ist sie unbrauchbar langsam. vorsichtig beim umstellen von IDE auf AHCI, vorhandene windows-installationen booten dann evtl. nicht mehr
  6. sven77

    FrontRow Installieren

    hm, klappt bei mir nicht. front row meckert immer noch, das ich keinen IR-emüfänger hab, obwohl remote-buddy läuft
  7. maybe my instruction could help you, since the DS4 is almost similar to the DS3 at first: after trying many times, i did it my own way. most of the tips in this forum are very helpful, though none of them solved all my problems. 1. get uphucks 10.4.9 v 1.3 2. unplug all harddisks, expcep the one, you want to install OSX86 3. the DVD-Drive is IDE (no Sata!) 4. plug the HDD in the 1st orange SATA 5. in Bios set the Onboard SATA to AHCI (dont turn off the JMicron) 6. Boot from DVD. Format you HDD and install the packages you need (Intel, SSE3, and so on) 7. after installation it should boot 8. after that, my hdd performance was very poor. so i plugged it into the purple SATA (Jmicron) 9. thats it.. runs perfect. my windows drives are now plugged in the orange SATA connectors, the OSX drive is plugged in the purple ones. i dont use a bootmanager, i just press F12 when i startup my pc, and chose from which harddrive it should boot..
  8. sven77


    IMO both of you are right. Apple Notebooks and Mac Pros aren't too pricey for what you get. But there aren't any alternatives for the desktop sector. Minimacs are {censored}. So are iMacs, beside that they're also ugly. Even on the desk of a dentist's secretary it looks like a design-accident.. I would really appreciate it, if apple would close that gap.
  9. great release, works awesome... is there a possibility to donate? it is really worth it.. my specs: - C2D E6400 - Gigabyte 965P-DS4 - 4 Gig Ram DDR2 800Mhz - MSI 7900 GTO (needs to be flashed, no QE/CI so far) - 80GB Seagate (for OSX) sound an lan working out of the box.. some issues with mounting my windows partitions, but thats ok..