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  1. Soccer_head

    AMD Mac OS X Snow Leopard? Apps?

    10.7.5 i changed the smbios but idk how it fixed it don't make sense
  2. Soccer_head

    AMD Mac OS X Snow Leopard? Apps?

    Ok ill test x86_64 now yeah that fixed it but alot of other things don't work for me in 64bit -.- lol ok i'm confused now i changed my pc to Imac 27" i read on it from another thread and that worked so i'm in 32bit with it working now don't see how changing the mac model can fix it tho
  3. Soccer_head

    AMD Mac OS X Snow Leopard? Apps?

    I am using 10.7.4 now its great youtube plays apps open but the 1 thing that is killing me is the .mov i wanted to learn about final cut pro but the .mov files and in quick time have like green layers going through it cant find a fix yet
  4. Hey guys so i been having fun with some hackintosh stuff ML and L both great just minor problems but what i was wondering if i install Snow leopard 10.6.8 the most stable version for amd is there a way to run Apps that need like Lion or mountain lion? not sure on this one thanks
  5. Ok new problem :/ installed niresh fine restarted used same boot flags it just restarts tried -x no use :/ any one had this problem?
  6. I'm going to try Niresh 10.8.2 cause i cant get the retail one to work I'm still new to this thanks for the reply ill keep this updated if i get Niresh working
  7. Hey so i have gotten help of a mate i have amd kernel Mountain lion on usb Retail now this is what the trouble is as you can see in the pic its a Retail ML but there is no Customization ? I restored a usb with baseSystem then i put the packages from main install to the usb drive but i still get nothing in the customize installer I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong thanks. A view of my ML usb
  8. Soccer_head

    MAC OSX Installer is Damaged help?

    "Update i got it working" Trying to fix the graphics glichy issues in the code
  9. So this guy on youtube uses a retail mountain Lion here with ##### i Try to do it and i install it correct it says install complete when i restart my pc boot into the mac osx mountain lion installer it says its Damged and connot be used? what am i doing wrong ? i redownloed ML from app store like 4 times now so its not a bad .dmg This is the video i follow so any help would be good thanks Note" I can get IAktos working but it does not have the stuff i want to be installed on my hackintosh
  10. Soccer_head

    My 10.7.3 Niresh stuck at UBSF? please help

    Do you know about the iATKOS_L2 one? maybe there is something wrong with niresh's distro
  11. Soccer_head

    My 10.7.3 Niresh stuck at UBSF? please help

    Tried no luck on my vmware hackintosh i can see inside Niresh 10.7.3 there is a BaseSystem.Dmg Maybe i am suppose to put that on usb instead on niresh 12495? cause baseSystem has install packages and all that
  12. Soccer_head

    My 10.7.3 Niresh stuck at UBSF? please help

    yeah the thing is i tried that kernel on 2 different versions of Lion i could not get it to boot
  13. Soccer_head

    My 10.7.3 Niresh stuck at UBSF? please help

    yeah i tried with it no luck getting it to boot it just went to system uptime in nanosecconds do you have a kernel i could try with it? cause i think i might have a wrong kernel or something thanks
  14. i am getting stuck system update nanosecconds tried all boot flags cant get it to work
  15. Hey so i have heard other people with my parts has got it to run so i'm wondering why i get stuck at this message? I have Niresh12495 Lion 10.7.3 V2 i follow the guide restore onto usb put bootloader on usb then use this to boot "Kernel Cache"=\amd arch=i386 -v so i have no idea what i am doing wrong i tried turning usb 3.0 off remove graphics card remove all usb but installer and keyboard and tried like all the bootflags so thanks if anyone can help. HD5770 AMD x4 965 M4A88T