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  1. Check this out Is that what are you looking for? tables.tar.gz
  2. I've tried to extract the tables from ubuntu here is the result Is that you are looking for? acpi.log.zip
  3. Here is the DSDT!I have export it from a linux distro DSDT.aml.zip
  4. Thanks for your time! But how can fix this errors?
  5. Because this error I can not save it or compile it i will attach a word file with the SSDT code SSDT.doc
  6. I've made everything you said to me I've replace all the stuff that patch guide told but It gives me an error that i can not fix I'm attaching a screenshot of my SSDT because I can not save it , to help me go through this error! Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks for your quick answer but how can I made all this stuff you suggest me ? Is somewhere a guide to read? Thanks!
  8. Because I'm new to DSDT Patching I want if someone can help me to activate the brightness slider to the HD4400 to Yosemite via the patch DSDT! I'm attaching my DSDT if someone want to see it ! Thank You! dstd.aml.zip
  9. Καλημέρα! Λόγω ότι είμαι νέος στον χώρο του DSDT Patching θέλω αν μπορεί κάποιος να με βοηθήσει στο να ενεργοποιησω τον ρυθμιστη φωτεινοτητας για την HD4400 σε Yosemite μεσω patch του DSDT! Επισυναπτω και το DSDT μου αν θελει καποιος να το δει! Ευχαριστω! dstd.aml.zip