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    HELP NEWBIE LENOVO B570 10.8.2

    OK, So i have fully now got mountian lion 10.8.2 and Windows 8 (Dual boot) on my computer but the only and last problem is that i have no wifi on mountain lion and i keep getting a silly error at the start of boot for the mac os x "Header read size 200 Incorrect image signature" but this doesn't change performance or capabilities in any way . (Thanks artur-pt)
  2. Hi I am new to all this and am having a bit of trouble I have been using this guide : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/283573-guide-lenovo-b570-with-mountain-lion/ But I have had no look My computer details: Lenovo B570 i5-2410m SandyBridge mother board 4 gb Ram 500 gb Hardrive I am using the torrent : http://piratebay.come.in/torrent/7780441/Mac_OS_X_Mountain_Lion_10.8.2_build_12C60_-_ADDiCT I have successfully installed it once and now i get the error "still waiting for root" I dont know if there something wrong with my files as I have correct i5-2410m SSDT PLEASE HELP !!!