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  1. Yes, original AppleHda. Ok, I will provide the bdmesg output. I was reading your past comments about this topic: "There is a bug in audio selector not fixed yet, however Encoded Digital works but needs to be selected by player" I tried to select SPDIF in VLC media player (and others) but still cannot obtain any audio from SPDIF output no matter if I return in system preferences -> sound and try to select again SPDIF. Too bad it seems I cannot have the audio even from the HDMI port. I just connected the HDMI port to my Sony TV, video ok but audio not working. By the way I'm using the IGPU HD4000 and I don't have any other graphic cards.
  2. I just received mine and... it works perfectly! No drivers needed, it's recognized as native (apple) hardware. This means bluetooth 4 and wifi with airdrop, handoff, instant hotspot, etc. all that new things coming with Yosemite fully enabled. I'm just doing some tests but all of them seem to work smoothly.
  3. @THe KiNG Some time ago I was successfully using the S/PDIF port of the Quo motherboard with Mavericks 10.9.2 and Ozmosis bios 828. The S/PDIF port was connected to my Sony DAV-F200 Home cinema system and worked perfectly. I recently installed bios 1479 and a fresh install of Yosemite 10.10. Unfortunately S/PDIF in still available as sound output option but it doesn't work any more. It's always connected to the same Sony system, same cable and the same input port. Any idea how to restore it to a working condition? Thanks in advance
  4. Already done, no way. Did you already tested the audio through the S/PDIF or you just see the option in system preferences?
  5. I was successfully using the S/PDIF as sound output with Mavericks 10.9.2 and bios 828 then yesterday I installed bios 1479 and a fresh Yosemite 10.10 from scratch. S/PDIF in still available as sound output option but it doesn't work any more. Any ideas or experience with this issue?