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  1. Ozmosis

    I just upgraded my BIOS to the latest rev. of ozmosis I used to boot directly into WIN, have to go into boot menu to selct the OSX HD Now I can't find (in BIOS) or boot into my windows HD. it boots automatically into OSX Do I have to reinstall windows or is there a way to reactivate it ?
  2. My reply was to answer a user question about to buy the board or not. If you buy a board and you never receive it. It doesn't matter if it is a good board or not. If you need proof, just look at the comment section in quo's kickstarter page. If there are other alternative boards (i.e cheaper and/or better quality), that is relevant to wether or not this board is a good purchase.
  3. Some kickstarter have not received their boards or their systems yet (after more than a year), and nobody has received the promised wifi. So that might be a 'problem'. If you buy directly from the website, you can always chargeback your credit card, that gives you leverage. As for other options, my cousin was succesful in loading all his computers (multiple systems/laptops, different CPUs, older/new) with OS/X. It is much easier now. IMHO the board is no longer a good choice, since prices (have come down) and quality/compatibility of other boards have gone up.
  4. FYI, my system shuts down after 3-4 sec. Then restarts again. Someone else here had the same problem. Turns out one of my RAM was bad. BTW, if you don't put any RAM, it will do that also. So board will not boot without RAM.
  5. Has anybody ordered the board from QUO's website and received it ? Because shipping time is like one week and many kickstarters have not received their boards yet, just wondering
  6. PowerHack i5

    Don't get your hopes up. I have been waiting for months just to get the shipping confirmation (which I did not get yet).