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  1. boot0: error?!

    OK, I think I get what you said. I tried putting booth1 on a USB flash drive, and then did the commands and stuff necessary, and the output was correct according to what I've seen elsewhere, so I went into the top left corner and clicked on the Apple logo and pressed shut down, but when I booted up it still gave me the error!!!
  2. boot0: error?!

    This has to do with if my disk has 4k sectors or not, right? Because I don't think my disk has 4k sectors. The hard drive is actually only 160GB big. EDIT: Never mind, my disk does have 4k sectors. But I don't get what you mean by "ok, this is the second option for install it, download binarios chameleon folder i386 1. open the folder i386 and copy boot1h for your USBInstaller."
  3. boot0: error?!

    I installed iATKOS ML2 with Chameleon in a separate partition from Windows on my Windows computer. Now, when I boot it up, it gives me "boot0: error", and won't proceed to the Chameleon boot loader. What is the problem here, and how do I fix it?! As long as this problem persists, I can use neither Windows nor iATKOS on my computer.