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  1. Ok ignore the above image, as that was my error, as I accidentally added ".old" to legacy_kernel instead of mach_kernel, and I forgot to do... <key>Kernel</key> <string> —> legacy_kernel <— </string> <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string> —> arch=i386 <— </string> But now I get this again. Ok I tried again, and this time it's back at the atheroscontrollwe.cpp11591 load failed So I think it's certainly the wi-go that's causing this and I did what the last post on this thread said to do... http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/274966-atheroscontrollercpp962-load-failed-after-combo-upgrade-no-wi-fi-hardware-found/ but no difference
  2. Well I've reinstalled, and I realised now that what I done before in the terminal on the install DVD, that mucked it up, so I've got the extensions folder now like should do. I've got the kernel on so that that works, (took a long time to get the permissions corrected in Linux so could put in the kernel), and I deleted the intelgma950.kext, and I got this come up when I tried booting again Sorry, here's the pic
  3. Ok, reinstalled, and I realised now that what I tried to do before hand actually deleted the folder instead of doing what it said it should
  4. Well I'm gonna let it reinstall yet again, as I certainly am not finding anywhere mentioning about there being no extensions folder in the system/library, and hopefully then ill be able to do just that what you told me to do. I got the kernel now so I doubt ill need to do anything as regards to that, but anyway, will see what happens lol
  5. How do I get to the system /library/extensions folder then? As I've noticed that with lion +, you can access it, but then with snow leopard, going into Linux, which would show the whole HDD, there does not show a extensions folder in the system/library folder of the installation. I can see the folder on the install DVD, but I can't on the installation, but I do see a extensions.mkext. I tried unpacking that and putting kexts in how I done it with the install DVD extensions.mkext, but it couldn't pack it back up, came up with an error. Can't remember what, but do I need to remove them from the kexts for the graphics from the extensions.mkext?
  6. I've put the latest version of chameleon on another one of my usb sticks and I do -v -f flags and it now gets stuck here instead... http://imageshack.us/a/img405/885/kzkg.jpg I done pciroot=0 as well but it still gets stuck there when I do pciroot=0, it gets stuck in the same place as before at the
  7. Right I figured out why it was not doing it. What I was doing by wrongly was writing "/Mac OS X Install DVD/" and "/Mactintosh HD/" not like this "/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ DVD/" and "/Macintosh\ HD/". Putting the "\" before the space makes tells the terminal there is a space there, so if you o not do that, then it will be wrong. So all together I done I removed the *ATA* because I wanted to copy the whole extensions folder. So this tutorial is correct, just make sure you don't make the same error that I made with the spaces. But I have realised now it is the wi-fi card that is the problem http://imageshack.us/a/img19/7342/h8vb.jpg So is there any way to disable it?
  8. It does seem to me it is certainly the IDE that is causing it and I know that I sort that out by getting the jMicron36xATA.kext into the system folder but how? that is what I am stuck on
  9. Ok I have managed to put the kernel in and it certainly works as I tried booting without the USB and it doesn't give a kernel panic, but then I still have the no symbol show up on the logo so I do the verbose mode again, and it still seems to be getting stuck in the same place: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/689/xzrk.jpg/ I have tried to boot with #####, but when I use #####, normal boot with the logo, the loading wheel doesn't even appear and is just stuck. BTW I do have an external dvd drive but silly me, I cannot find it lol. :L If it is possible to inject the kexts from within Lubuntu then that would be helpful, unless someone can simply tell me how I can do what this tutorial is telling me to do (what I quoted) thanks for the kernel though again, as that's out the way i boot I meant to say
  10. Introduce yourself.

    Hi I am Jase, and I loveeeeee Apple What I like doing in my free time is being creative, create picture edits, and inspirational blog posts to help people that going through tough times. This is my Website/Blog if you want to check it out I love love love love Mac OS X, such a great superior OS in my opinion compared to windows and I always love it when I'm on my Mac. My Mac is what started my being creative lol. Windows, I've not really ever much liked Windows, but Windows 8, I really really do love and feel at home on windows 8 (in bootcamp on my iMac) just as much as in Mac OS X. I just wish that I could move my mouse down to the right corner of the screen to turn the display off like I can in OS X, but apart from that, I love it Linux I really do love a lot too. Anything Unix though just kicks a.. lol Unix = King of the Operating Systems Windows may be popular but that don't make it king as even if David Cameron is more popular than Elizabeth, that don't make him queen does it? lol BTW is there any way I can put my age on my profile whilst keeping my D.O.B hidden?
  11. I've put it onto the installer Firstly I am gonna test adding the files via going into a live image of lubuntu and then if that works then waa-laa, if not, then i'll reinstall thanks for linking to the kernel
  12. Do I need to reinstall the already installed installation then? As I watched a video on youtube about adding stuff via the single user mode rather than installing as he said that it is reasonably simple and it saves a lot of time rather than reinstalling.
  13. Hi, I am installing Snow Leopard 10.6.3 onto my Acer One 751h netbook. I have been following this guide. What I have had to do differently though is use the NBI 0.84 RC1 to get into the installer as otherwise by simply using the bootloader that got installed on there already by the netbookinstaller app, it gave me a kernal panic as soon as I tried booting it. The next thing I had to do was get the JMicron36xATA.kext and inject it into the extensions.mkext on the Install DVD (on usb stick), by following this guide. This was so that it could see my IDE internal HDD. It installed no problem, it even came up with that the installation was successful rather than what a lot have often had "installation failed" (although it has installed), but when I start it up (obviously going through the NBI on the USB, when I click enter normally it will come up with the apple logo and the loading wheel, and then a symbol will appear on the logo (image below) So I boot into Verbose mode so I can see where it stops (image below in link) http://imageshack.us/a/img198/4083/mo50.jpg So I searched "still waiting for boot device" and came across this tutorial but I try following it by entering what is quoted below, but I have this (quoted below) appear which obviously is showing that it didn't do anything. I am enjoying myself doing this, and thats mainly what I use my netbook for, to mess around with it lol and I am pleased that I have managed to get really far without asking for help, but I do need a bit of help now lol Thanks for the help and if you need to specs of my netbook, they are here.... The only thing that is different is that I have 2GB ram in instead of the 1gb that came with it previously.