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  1. Similar question to the post above. I am considering Z87-Expert ATX for near-future Haswell build, is this motherboard similar enough to more higher-end boards mentioned earlier on this thread?
  2. Thank you everyone for your time and answers much appreciated! I didn't think I would get such great responses from many of you.
  3. Hello everyone, I am a newbie who is looking into building my first hackintosh system. I've been a Mac user for almost a decade now. But I am sick of not having a proper desktop and decided to take the matters into my own hands since Apple most likely will not be offering such product in the future considering Apple's answer to long awaited Mac Pro refresh. Enough of rambling and some questions and concerns. I want to know what a hackintosh can and cannot do. I know that most of these questions' answer will be 'depends on what hardware I use', but I'd like to know if some of these things are either straight out impossible (even with the most compatible hardware available) or almost too complicated for newbie for me to figure out. Will hackintosh have properly functioning power management? I tend to leave the PC on 24/7 so it's important for me that this will work. Can it use virtualization software such as Fusion and Parallels to utilize existing Windows installed SSD(I will use seperated hardware fore this for the ease of install and management instead of partitioning), similar to how they can do the same with Bootcamp partition? Can hacked OSX use iCloud seamlessly as a real Mac? I am also a user of various iOS device and this makes things easy and is one of the essential feature for me. Will I be able to choose following GPU sets? I am considering GTX 700 series for now, but am considering Quadro in the future as this will mostly serve as a workstation. Will I be able to use UEFI booting option instead of legacy BIOS? Is it more challenging for me to use UEFI? I apologize for the list of questions and appreciate in advance for your view and hopefully some answers. Thanks.
  4. Introduce yourself

    Hello, I am a current Mac user who is looking to build a first hackintosh system soon (as Haswell support rolls in). Eager to learn a lot and hopefully help others in the future. Thanks!