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  1. MSI gt72 2qe

    Hi, Installed on my GT72 2PC (El Capitan) With your files and some modifications, works like a charm , thanks for sharing this. Just the Backlit of the keyboard always blinking, even using OS X KLM, Msiledenabler , changing VoodooPS2 Rehab versions, did yours blinking too? it Would be greatly appreciated if anyone has a solution
  2. Help Intel HD 3000 0X0116 i7

    Thanks a lot guy, finally i've resolved the sparkle, and my computer work like a charm with full QE/CI and without any artefact, thanks a lot
  3. Help Intel HD 3000 0X0116 i7

    Re , Thanks a lot dude , it works , i've reinstalled, patched dualink , with intel stock kext and AppleintelSNBFB and it works , but the screen sparkle a little, is there a way to change that? Exept Fakesmc? Thanks
  4. Help Intel HD 3000 0X0116 i7

    Re , The problem is that i have delete IntelHD3000 kext which are from OSX.. And i don't found them on Internet , Must i really reinstall Osx for keep them? .. ^^
  5. Help Intel HD 3000 0X0116 i7

    Okay i will try with them. Okay i'l try but i think that it will not work on this way ^^ No, but i will, and i'l report you if it work. Thanks
  6. Help Intel HD 3000 0X0116 i7

    Ah ok, but i've tried many AppleintelHD3000 wich give me black screen or freeze so, wich one have i to choose... That's the question ...lol I'l search and i'l report if this work. ^^
  7. Help Intel HD 3000 0X0116 i7

    Yeap, the Smbios is set to 8.1 So it is not about this. I inject the patch as it is say in EFI string and Boot.plist it give me this line : <string>2</string> <key>device-properties</key> <string>5600000001000000010000004a0000000100000002010c00d041030a000000000101060000027fff0400240000004100410050004c00300030002c004400750061006c004c0069006e006b0000000800000001000000</string> </dict> </plist> (It is just the end) I've just here load two kext : AppleIntelgraphicFB And AppleintelSNBgraphicsFB 'I've deleted all the other because previously they give me Black Sreen or Freeze before i log into my session.... So is it because of the kext?
  8. Help Intel HD 3000 0X0116 i7

    I've tried this, with Efi String And boot.plist, , and i reinstalled my kext, but that's always the same problem, i've my 1920x1080 resolution but no QE/CI anyway...I Can't play a movie , No OpenGL ...
  9. Help Intel HD 3000 0X0116 i7

    Re, I've the first step of backup in Single Mode But Now, i don't see at all , how can i apply the patch to the Dsdt , it makes me confused, how can i Apply it to my DSDT When i run DSDT Editor, i can see all the lines of my DSDT but i don't know where can i take the lines from the patch?
  10. Help Intel HD 3000 0X0116 i7

    Hi Guys, First , sorry for my bad english, i'm french. I have to explain my problem: I've a ASUS N75SF (Intel i7 2670QM Sandy Bridge with Intel HD 3000 mixed with Optimus technology with a NVIDIA GT 555M (Of Course i can't Disable it in the Bios , and i already know that this card isn't compatible with OSX ) with 6Gb of Ram and 1tb Hard Drive) My problem is that i've installed Iatkos ML3 (My Bios is compatible with UEFI) and so finally all work (Wifi, Sound, Webcam, USB 3.0) But Intel HD 3000 doesn't work and i've tried so many things, like Inject a DSDT, or many kext wich most of them make my installation Freezing or a Black Screen. Finally i've found AppleIntelSNBFB patched for my device ( With device ID 0X0116) and my computer recognize it, so i can choose my screen resolution etc.. But QE/CI doesn't work at all, and for few days and hour i've tried a lot of solution ( Like change device id 01168086 to 0X01168086 but it doesn't give me QE/CI anyway ) so i don't know what trying at all... And i will be very happy if you can help me, so i hope that you can help me. Thanks so much in advance.