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    HD7950 HDMI Audio.

    Hey, did anyone on forum make Radeon HD7XXX HDMI audio working correctly? I'm searching but without results. MOBO: Z68 Ext4 Gen3 AsRock
  2. I didnt solve the problem but topic can be closed. I have no idea why, but I make full USB format and restore new CLOVER/OSX Setup and it worked well
  3. Hey. I installed ML 10.8 easly with boot args "-v -f npci=0x2000 slide=0 dart=0 cpus=1 vanilla". Everything was fine until i make terrible mistake and download update to 10.8.4. Now I cant run OSX becouse I get "using 16384 buffer ... 10240 cluster io buffer headers". And when I try to reinstall whole OSX with same setup i get stuck at "NullCPUPowerManagment::start". Clover, asrock ext4 gen3 z68, intel hd3000, flashed bios, i7. Why same installer with same files and boot args are throwing now errors!? How fix updated OSX or fix installer. I only get access to Win atm. Please Help!