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  1. Toshiba p850-12z

    Ok, then I'll have a go at it. I need to figure out a protocol first, I'll post it here before actually going for it.
  2. Toshiba p850-12z

    Hi, my girlfriend owns a Laptop which is a Toshiba Satellite p850-12z. I did some research and it is a pretty decent machine. http://www.toshiba.co.uk/discontinued-products/satellite-p850-12z/ I'd like to give the hackintosh approach a try and she is willing to let me have a go at it. Do you guys think, the machine is compatible? It is Ivy-Bridge with Fermi based graphics (Geforce 630M) Cheers!
  3. Introduce yourself

    Hi, I found that side through a competitor which I feel is a cheap knockoff and cheat. I'll be posting here in the future. Currently I run a Macbook Pro 5,5 and I will need to update to Haswell in the future. I need more power to cut HD clips and to color grade them. A 4770k it will be with a nice nVidia card (for DaVinci Resolve), maybe a 660 Ti.